Saffron Stefanski fumble-touchback on rusher headings: “Our rule is not to get the ball out”

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The worst rule in football was the ugly thing heard on Sunday in Kansas City, stinging the Browns in a play that looked like it was going to be a touchdown for Cleveland, but became a touchback for the Chiefs .

After the game, Browns coach Kevin Stefanski was asked about the play.

“I will never doubt the effort of Rusher Higgins or the effort of our friends,” Stefanski told reporters after the game. He said, “Our rule is that when the first goal is scored then the ball does not reach out and he knows it. Again, [I] Appreciate their effort. He batted as usual, but we have to contend with that struggle because it is such a big loss if it is a touchback.

Stephanski is right. And Brons’ internal rule is accurate, given the preposterous NFL rule that would have given Cleveland possession of the fumble if it had gone out of bounds at the one-inch limit, but it allowed the Chiefs to occupy their own 20 Gave as the ball went in, and out of the end zone.

The biggest problem with the rule is this: it punishes effort. Yes, there is a chance that a disturbance will be recovered in the final area for rescue. If so, the defense should get the ball. If it is not recovered before going out of the game, it should not be different from the rule if the ball goes out of the green 100 yards range.

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