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S.Korea, USA UU Launches aerial exercises amid warnings from North Korea of ​​nuclear war



By Christine Kim and Philip Wen

SEOUL / PEKIN, Dec 4 (Reuters) – The United States and South Korea moved ahead of the large-scale joint air exercises on Monday, a move that Korea The North had said it would push the Korean peninsula to the "edge of nuclear war," ignoring calls from Russia and China to suspend them.

The simulations come a week after North Korea said it had tested its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the United States as part of a weapons program that it has carried out in defiance of international sanctions and condemnation.

China and Russia proposed that the United States and South Korea stop the main military exercises in exchange for North Korea to stop its weapons programs. Beijing formally calls the idea the "double suspension" proposal.

The annual US-South Korea drill, called Vigilant Ace, will run until Friday, with six F-22 Raptor Stealth Fighters to deploy among more than 230 aircraft

The North Korea Committee for Peaceful Reunification called US President Donald Trump "insane" on Sunday and said the exercises "would boost the already acute situation on the Korean peninsula on the brink of nuclear war." [19659003] F-35 fighters will also join the drills, which will include the largest number of fifth-generation fighters to have participated, according to a spokesman for the United States Air Force based in South Korea.

About 12,000 US service members, including the Marines and the Navy, will join South Korean troops. The aircraft that will take part will fly from eight military installations in the United States and South Korea.

South Korean media said the B-1B Lancer bombers could join the exercise this week. The spokesman of the Air Force of the EE. UU Could not confirm the reports.

Trump said last week that additional sanctions would be imposed on North Korea after Pyongyang's intercontinental ballistic missile test.

Early last month, Trump put North Korea back on a list of states sponsoring terrorism, a designation that allows the United States to impose more sanctions.

Russia has accused the United States of trying to provoke North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to "abandon control" of its missile program. Washington was a pretext to destroy his country.

At a press conference in Beijing, Wang said that China consistently opposed any behavior that would elevate tensions.

"And measures that do not comply with or are outside Security Council resolutions lack a basis in international law and harm the rights of members of the United Nations," Wang said when asked about the possibility of new US sanctions against North Korea.

The Chinese Air Force said on Monday that its surveillance plane had conducted simulations in recent days in the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea to "improve combat readiness and safeguard the strategic interests of the country."

route that had previously not flown to regions in which it had never previously operated, and coordinated with fighter jets, warning aircraft and guided missile forces, said spokesman Shen Jinke, according to a publication in the official microblog of the Air Force.

Korea and the United States are designed to improve preparedness and operational capability and ensure peace and security on the Korean peninsula, the US military said. UU Before starting the drills.

The northern state news agency, KCNA, quoting a ministry spokesman on Saturday, the Trump administration was "begging for a nuclear war by organizing an extremely dangerous nuclear play on the Korean peninsula."

North Korea regularly uses its state media to threaten the United States and its allies.

North Korea has tested dozens of ballistic missiles and conducted its sixth test of the nuclear bomb in September, in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

He has said his weapons programs are a necessary defense against US plans. UU to invade. The United States, which has 28,500 troops stationed in South Korea, a legacy of the 1950-53 Korean War, denies such an intention.

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