Ryan Reynolds Confirms ‘Red Notice’ Production Restart, Share COVID-19 Nose Swab Test – Deadline

Ryan Reynolds is finally back to work, following a COVID-19 nose swab test.

Dead pool The actor tweeted that he has returned to production for his upcoming film Red notice. Reynolds on Saturday shared photos of him undergoing the dreaded coronavirus virus swab test.

The Kovid test is quick and easy. The doctor corrects the swelling of your nose, which is deep enough to tickle your childhood memories and is then gone. “It doesn’t matter what you say to him, he won’t buy you dinner before.”

Reynold’s tweets and photos come nearly six months after Netflix announced that it would halt production Red notice, The film Global Gadist also stars Gad Gottot and Dwayne Johnson. Netflix abruptly halted production of the film due to coronovirus concerns.

On Wednesday, Reynold co-star Gadot also shared a similar social media post, which confirmed this Red notice Production is underway once again. Writing that she too is “getting ready to go back to the Red Notice set,” Gadot posted photos of her wearing an “après corona” shirt and her nose was swollen.

“Prep looks a little different now #staysafe,” she wrote.