Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson look into ‘Black Adam’ casting rumors

Ryan Reynolds also has not taken Deadpool into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yet already fans are eagerly waiting for DC Extended Universe to be included in their schedule. Undoubtedly, the actor has a less-desirable history with DC Comics, which starred in the infamous 2011 Green lantern Movies. But is now the time for redemption?

Ryan Reynolds at ‘6 Underground’ premiere | Jason Mendez / WireImage

The internet is confident that Ryan Reynolds will join DCEU soon

Since playing Green Lantern nearly a decade ago, Reynolds has regularly made fun of the role. Despite decades of comics, fans and critics explore the screenplay and visual effects of the film adaptation. Nevertheless, the character always seemed the same due to another shot in the spotlight. And more recently, fans believe that Reynolds may re-surprise the role for himself Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Eventually, the much-talked-about director’s cut will hit HBO Max in 2021. And the development of the streaming service is the Green Lantern series. So maybe DC will use Snyder’s film whichever comes next. Reynolds made fun of Green Cattern on social media, revealing appearances by Tom Cruise and the Justice League on social media.

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‘Green Lantern’ star and Dwayne Johnson responds to rumors

But the Green Lantern rumor is not Reynolds’s only DCEU these days. Some corners of the internet believe that it is ready to join the upcoming Black man Movies. The film will star Dwayne Johnson, with whom Reynolds briefly shared the screen Boobs and Shaw. Reynolds is being roped in to play the role of Hawkman due to rumors.

Reynolds also addressed it, offering a chance to poke fun at the ever-spinning rumor mill of the Internet. Taking up to Twitter, He denies any truth and sarcastically calls her to play Hawkman Justice League Rumor too. For his part, Johnson played the role of skeptical Internet fan, stating that Reynolds is actually all superheroes.

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But are Reynolds really the reason for a big screen DC return?

The two apparently had a ton of fun with rumors about Reynolds returning to DC. And until an official announcement is made, any report in that regard should be considered a rumor. However, it is not inconceivable that Warner Bros. could take Reynolds back into the fold. Perhaps the time has come for DC and Reynolds to make amends.

DC is known for establishing long-term relationships with actors in both live-action and animation. In addition, the company is looking to leverage more time than expected to bring Deadpool into the MCU. At this rate, Reynolds may debut as the new DC hero before fans get more Macs by the mouth.