Ryan Dorsey ties up with sister Naya Rivera regarding slam report

He also confirmed that 26-year-old Nikela recently moved in with him. As Ryan pointed out, “[Josey] Asks me if Titty can live with us. ‘I want Titty to be with us forever,’ as she is now closest to a mother. You need to get all the help as a single parent trying to build your career and navigate this disaster with your child. ”

Ryan said, “And he has to let him get what he wants, what he asks for, and what he needs right now, which is his family. Even if you know it’s temporary and it’s not forever. It’s There is a temporary situation. After all, he had to go through how you can deny him? What? Because of what some strangers might think or say, or some ominous, mis-logical, misinformation basis But can hate spread? ”

Additionally, the actor said that he appreciates the support that both he and Naya’s family, especially Nikela, have offered to adjust to their new normal. He said, “A young woman who is his blood, has a daughter, who is ready to hold on to her life and abandon things, to overthrow her position for the good of her child”.

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