Ryan Dorsey seeks privacy after calling 911 Reporting the behavioral surfaces of Naya Rivera


Ryan Dorsey asks his fans for privacy after he and his wife, Naya Rivera, made headlines last weekend.

On Saturday, Dorsey called 911 to report the "violent behavior" of the actress. scene, and Rivera was later booked into the police station. The photo of alum "Glee" was also published thereafter.

But two days after Rivera's arrest, TMZ obtained a copy of Dorsey's 911 call on Saturday night. "I just need a police officer, my wife is out of control," he said. Dorsey also said that his wife was "going physical". However, he said that no weapons were used during his altercation.

Dorsey's father was also at home when the incident occurred. But the actor said Rivera did not involve his father. He also told the 911 responder that the 30-year-old actress had been drinking.

"I had a disturbance in Chesapeake, the caller says that his wife is causing problems in the residence and that he has been drinking." Last information, the caller could hear a disturbance in the background and had an open line. I lost the connection and I just received a busy signal, "said an officer in the audio.

However, Rivera did not undergo a sobriety test in the field and no officer confirmed whether he was really drunk at the time of his arrest, according to People.

On Tuesday, Dorsey wrote a long publication on his Twitter account, reminding his followers that what they have been reading on the news is not reality, but real life. He also acknowledged the fact that it is a difficult time for him and his wife and asked everyone to respect their privacy.

"I ask everyone, especially the 'media', please respect our privacy and treat us to this situation how they would love to be treated," he wrote.

After Rivera's arrest, his former fiancé, Big Sean, apparently cast a shadow on the actress. In his Twitter account, the rapper posted a video of a young girl who said "I told everyone". The engagement of Rivera and Big Sean ended after the actress accused him of tricking her with Ariana Grande. [19659000]  Naya Rivera, Ryan Dorsey Recently, Ryan Dorsey asked them to everyone for his privacy and that of Naya Rivera after the actress's arrest on Saturday. In the photo: Rivera and Dorsey attend the March Of Dimes Baby Celebration Luncheon in honor of Jessica Alba at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on December 4, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. Photo: Joe Scarnici / Getty Images by March Of Dimes

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