Ryan Day is confident of playingoff qualification on College GameDay to start the season in mid-October

               Ryan Day's Ohio State team won't play today, yet he appeared on ESPN's College GameDay anyway.                </p><div><p>

Two days after issuing a statement in which he asked for the Big Ten to begin his season in mid-October, with the belief that there was "a safe path" to play until then, head coach Penn State Shaw joins James Franklin, David of Stanford, and Kyle Whittingham of Utah to discuss the route of their conferences with Gate Davis.

Day, as part of his comments, reiterated his thinking that the conference needs to start playing around this time next month in order to be in the College Football Playoff idea. 

"I don't know if there's an exact date, but of course I think we need to try to go to the negotiation at the CFP by mid-October," Dey said.  "But again, these are the first things: let's just make sure we can figure out a way to do it safely and then we'll deal with it next."
He said the Buckeyes could be a "team of a lifetime" last month.  Of course, because Vital Davis dropped out of the upcoming season on Friday to focus on the NFL Draft, he won't have his entire team even if he has a chance to play this fall.  However, the next day is not expected to play.

Franklin, the other Big Ten coach on college gamesday with Day, said he never particularly disagreed with the postponement of the season, stating, "The Big Ten should, in many ways, get the credit for the decision they made . "  .  "Rather, he took issue with the lack of communication and clarification of the convention's choice.

Dey states that he agrees with Franklin.

"I think we're always avoiding our medical specialists and personnel," Dey said.  "We will just postpone their decisions and their conversation."  I think there are people across the country, definitely people walking our footprints, who have the same goals and the same values ​​that the Big Ten has found a safe way to play football and they can do it this weekend. Have been.  "

While no Midwest football powers will play in the Big Ten, Notre Dame - which Dey also referred to in Thursday's open letter - opens the season with a home game against Duke on Saturday at 2:30 p.m.  Six other top-25 teams, including No. 1 Clemson, No. 5 Oklahoma and No. 14 Texas, also play this weekend.

"I think a lot has changed," Day said.  "Every day it changes.  This has changed a lot in two weeks.  It changes every day.  We are learning more and more every day.  We look forward to seeing you now.  "