Ruth Beder Ginsburg discharged from hospital

Washington – Supreme Court Justice Ruth Beder Ginsburg was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday and returned home.

Supreme Court spokesman Kathy Arberg said in a statement that Ginsburg is “doing home and doing well.”

Ginsberg was accepted At Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Tuesday morning to receive treatment for a possible infection, the court then announced. She was expected to remain “to receive intravenous antibiotic treatment for a few days”.

The 87-year-old justice, who has four children with cancer, had fever and chills and was initially evaluated Monday night at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington. He then underwent a procedure at a hospital in Baltimore to clean the bile duct stent placed in August.

Ginsburg is the oldest member of the Supreme Court and anchor of its liberal wing. Nominated by President Bill Clinton, he has served on the High Court for over 25 years and has battled many other health ailments during his tenure.

Recently, in early May, Ginsburg was admitted to hospital And is treated for acute cholecystitis, which is described as a “benign gallbladder condition”. He attended verbal reasoning During her hospital stay, which was organized by teleconference due to a coronovirus epidemic.

Caroline Linton contributed to this report.