Russian Man Claims He Comes from the Red Planet and a Martian Civilization Lives Under the Surface • Beacon Transcript


The atmosphere of Mars

The man claims Martian civilization continues to be round

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – A Russian 20-year-old man stole the highlight all around the world after making some uncommon claims about his origin. He claims he has been born on Mars, and was reborn on Earth after the Martian civilization needed to conceal beneath the floor. The story sounds loopy sufficient, however the historical past of this man’s life and his claims concerning outer area attracted the eye of journalists.

Boriska Kipriyanovich has all the time been an uncommon youngster, as he displayed spectacular studying skills. He began studying and writing earlier than the age of two and, when he was a couple of years older, he began telling everybody a bizarre story. He claimed to have lived one other life on Mars, and civilization nonetheless existed on the planet. Now, Kipriyanovich is 20 years outdated, however he nonetheless tells the identical story.

The man says he lived on Mars a few years in the past, however then a nuclear warfare befell the planet. He died when this occurred, however was reborn right here on Earth. As a Martian, he reached grew seven toes tall, and was 35 on the time of his demise. In truth, all Martians stopped getting older as soon as they turned 35, as that they had managed to unlock the thriller of everlasting youth.

The man claims a Martian civilization continues to be hiding below the floor of the planet

Also, he was a navy officer who traveled in all places round Mars and even on Earth. In truth, Martians collaborated with the traditional Egyptians, and collectively hid a mechanism contained in the Sphinx. If folks managed to open it, they’d free all of the secrets and techniques of the universe trapped in there.

Experts burdened the actual fact that there have been no traces of an historic civilization on the floor of Mars, however Kipriyanovich rapidly supplied an evidence. He mentioned a nuclear warfare prevented the Martian civilization from residing on the floor, however they breathed carbon dioxide and constructed an underground world.

However, the small print given by the person don’t actually match the findings of NASA and of different area businesses. His mother and father defined that he loved studying about area and astronomy, and since he began doing it so early, he might have created a posh story spiced up by a younger thoughts.
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