Russian judge sentenced former US Marine Trevor to 9 years in prison

MOSCOW – A Russian court on Thursday ruled against a 29-year-old former US Marine who was detained in Moscow last year for assaulting a police officer after a night of heavy drinking, a He was sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison.

Trevor Reid’s nine-year sentence is close to the maximum sentence for these charges, which is 10 years. He has already been in Russian custody for almost a year. Prosecutors on Wednesday sought 9 years and 8 months.

The defendant, his family and his Russian girlfriend deny all the allegations, and say that he has become just the latest example of wrongful accusations of American citizens in Russia. During the closing argument on Wednesday, Reid said he would not confess the crime to a crime he did not commit.

“I think it would be unethical and immoral that I am guilty of a crime I did not commit,” he said in his closing statement on the eve of the trial’s decision. “If I am being sentenced to prison, I would rather be free from liars and cowards than to be in jail tomorrow.”

Other cases, such as another former US Marine, Paul Whelan, have attracted political and media attention, possibly due to the nature of the allegations against Whelan – espionage – and open discussion of using him as a bargaining chip. With the United States.

Trevor Reid, who was detained in 2019 and charged with assaulting police officers, has survived before a court hearing in Moscow on 11 March.Tatyana Makeyeva / Reuters File

But Reid’s father Joey advocated for his son in Moscow last year in an effort to save his son from falling under the radar.. Russian courts have a very high conviction rate, and acquittal is rare.

“I’m nervous and worried,” Reid’s mother Paula told NBC News in a telephone interview Tuesday. “Of course, I’ve tried to prepare for the worst, but if you really think too hard about it … I’m probably not ready. You just feel frustrated and they are going to do what they are going to do. “

A Texas resident, Reid studied Russian in the summer of 2019 in Moscow and visited his girlfriend – a lawyer in Moscow – and was preparing to return home last August, his family says. But a few days before his return, he celebrated a night out with his friends and his girlfriend’s co-workers.

Reena’s girlfriend, Alina Tsibulnik, said in an interview that she became ill while a co-worker drove the two of them out of the house. The driver stopped the car, Reid and Tsibulnik got out, and then the driver called the police when it was clear that Reid was in a bad condition.

“It wasn’t my idea to call the police,” Tsibulnik said. “It was my colleague who did it. She had never met Trevor before and did not want to deal with it. He was in trouble, his lips were blue and he needed medical help and he was not answering me, he did not know where he was. “

When police arrived, they put Reid in the back of his car and then took him to a police station. According to police, Reed battled during the ride and slashed his hand on the driver’s arm – causing the car to drift.

He has been accused of endangering the lives of police officers, while also holding an elbow on the passenger’s seat. Sayubulnik says that in an attempt to show that the court has presented a jacket with a torn arm, he has tightened the driver.

She says that the bus is not possible.

“We chased the car and it was running very slow, it was not moving,” he said. “[Reed] Slept in the back of the car. That is why they did not handcuff him. “

Meanwhile, Reid has said in previous interviews that he has no recurrence of the events – a claim his family reaffirmed to NBC News.

Joey Reid, a Texas firefighter, has deeply familiarized himself with the evidence against his son by renting an apartment in Moscow – even destroying the COVID-19 lockdown, Which stopped life in the Russian capital in April and May.

“I told her she needed to be the father of the year,” Paula Reid said of her husband’s efforts.

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