Russian fighters face American bomber on black bomber

Russian pilots crossed the Black Sea and a US B-52 bomber flying over international waters within a 100-foot radius of the bomber path, calling the American maneuver “unsafe and unprofessional”.
The Friday confrontation between the US and Russian military forces was the second in a week. According to US officials, several US soldiers operating in north-east Syria were injured on Tuesday when a Russian military vehicle died. Some US officials said they believe the confrontation was intentional.
According to the US pilot’s statement, the battleship by Russian pilots, a fighter aircraft operating two Su-27 flankers, created turbulence for the American bomber and limited its movement.
“Such actions increase the capability of midyear collisions, unnecessary and good air duty and inconsistent with international flight regulations,” the statement said.
The US military released a video of two Russian planes heading for the B-52.