Russian diplomat warns the United States against Korean military exercises


A Russian diplomat criticized the United States for its joint military exercises in the Pacific and warned of an "apocalyptic scenario" on the Korean peninsula, according to the Russian state cable service TASS on Monday.

"A scenario of an apocalyptic development of the situation on the Korean Peninsula and we can not pbad [a] in sight," said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov. "I hope that common sense, pragmatism and the instinct of self-preservation among our partners will prevail to exclude that [a] negative scenario."

The diplomat spoke at the annual Asian conference of the Valdai Club in Seoul. The discussion club creates a dialogue between Russia and other Asian nations. The tensions surrounding North Korea and its rapidly improving capacity for ballistic and ballistic missiles remain high throughout the world. North Korea has conducted several provocative weapons tests this year, including the explosion of a hydrogen bomb in September and two long-range ballistic missile tests.

US UU They conduct joint military exercises in the region with South Korea and Japan. Morgulov criticized the exercises as antagonistic while praising North Korea for not having had any weapons test for two months.

"Given the long period of silence of two months, the United States does not plan to reduce the scale of its regular military exercises, but also [planned] holding sudden drills too," Morgulov said. "Unfortunately, this is the answer, which North Korea gets in response to its two-month silence … I believe that both the nuclear tests of North Korea and the joint military exercises of the United States with their allies are definitely of a nature negative". [19659002] The diplomat said that Russia's position is that the nuclear status of North Korea is unacceptable, but that the United States is making the situation more difficult. He called the USA UU To reduce their military exercises in the region.

Morgulov also criticized President Donald Trump for his threats against North Korea.

"Is it possible for someone [hold any] illusions that the threats of US President Donald Trump to attack with" fire and fury "will be able to cut the knot, which has been tightened in the Korean peninsula for many decades" said the diplomat.

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