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Zenit sells Leandro Paredes for 40 million euros. What is known about a possible agreement with PSG or Chelsea – Russian Championship 2018-2019 – Football

Does Zenith really sell Walls?

Nobody officially confirms the negotiations, but everything indicates that the process has begun and is at a crucial stage. On January 22, Zenit played a friendly match with Lokomotiv, but Leandro was the only player called on to enter the field. Sergei Semak with a diplomatic smile explained the decision to leave Paredes on the bench briefly: "I'm not ready for the game for many reasons."

According to "Sport-Express", "Zenith" is ready to release the Argentine, but wants to obtain at least 40 million euros from the transaction. A year and a half ago, Paredes cost the St. Petersburg club 23 million; the benefit will strengthen the position in the club of Sergei Fursenko, who motivated the massive purchase of the Argentines under Mancini, precisely because of the resale potential.

Who wants to buy Walls?

Leandro Paredes, Zenit

Leandro Paredes, ZenitFrom the official website

Chelsea. They wrote about the offer from London to La Gazzetta dello Sport and many other places. The negotiations between the "blue" and "Zenith" were delayed due to the money: according to the Italian media, Marina Granovskaya sent an offer of 35 million euros in mid-January. But this is a little less than Zenith would like to see. In this case, the Argentine's personal contract has already been agreed, probably in the Daily Mail. Surprisingly, after the Russians 5 million euros a year, Leo accepted 4.5 in London.

"PSG". The Paris Club is also marking around 40 million euros and does not want to overpay. According to Nobel Prize winner Arustamyan, the first stage of the summit talks took place in Qatar, where Javier Ribalta and Antero Enrique met with Zenit and PSG athletes. The other day, Paris United (no less prestigious than Nobel) added: "Paris" reached an agreement with a player thanks to the personal agent Leo Pablo Sabbag and the transaction manager Marcelo Simonyan. The latest information from Parisian journalists: next week, a Zenit representative will arrive in France to close the deal. Signing an Argentine is a priority gain option for Thomas Tuchel, so they are ready for a lot.

What does Paredes say?

Nothing But his depressed mood spreads about the last interview on one of the Argentine holiday radio stations: "I really want to go back to Boca, but they know it does not depend on me." I almost have no chance to leave, Zenit paid a lot of money and will not sell me now. The Russians want me to stay at least until June, even rejected the proposal of PSG.

And also pay attention to the last post of Leandro on Twitter. The Argentine refugee fan who mounted the skills of selecting Leo videos and called "Paredes, welcome to Chelsea." But even in spite of the tweet with a touch of London, Nobel Arustamyan shares the truth: the midfielder does not want any "Boc", but wants to go to Paris.

And what about Zenith? Are you already looking for a replacement?

Milan Badel

Milan BadelGetty Images

According to "SE", Sergei Semak agrees to release the midfielder, but now depends little on the head coach of the St. Petersburg club. The transfers are completely different people who are still not satisfied with the wishes of the Russian coach: there are no novices, although he asks for reinforcement in almost all contacts with journalists.

The same "Sport-Express" writes that the options with the replacement of Paredes are already being developed. One of them is midfielder Milan Badel, 29, from Lazio, the 2018 runner-up who was already interested in the St. Petersburg club. The amount of the transaction can be of plus or minus 10 million euros. Nevasport claims that Igor Konovalov, 22, of Rubin, is also in the sphere of interests of the St. Petersburg club. At the same time, the internal reserve in the position of union of the CCP in Zenit is deep: Christian Noboa completes the restoration after the break of the crosses, and Claudio Marchisio must adapt to Russia and become a player worth € 3.5 million of the year of the foundation. Kuzyaev, Ernani, Kranevitter, Erokhin and Ozdoev can also play in midfield; In general, there is an option. But there are no players of similar level and functionality.

Zenit is profitable?

There are more advantages of selling Paredes than less. 40 million is a very good offer for a 24 year old Russian championship player, and it is unlikely that in the near future at least part of the RPL stalemate will be in such demand among the best clubs. Under the conditions of strict financial fair play, this money will be useful for the club to reinforce the alignment, on what Semak asks. Paredes contract is calculated for another 2.5 years, and the Argentine is not exactly decided to renew it, therefore, Leo's transfer cost will only decrease, it is not at all the fact that even this summer Zenit will receive such an offer sweet.

Zenit does the right thing, what the price charges. With all the disciplinary madness, Paredes is a player too important for a club that is really hard to find a replacement in the winter market. In addition, at the end of autumn, Zenit recovered, and any weakening could cost the team a long-awaited championship. In the 2018/19 season, Paredes missed seven Zenit games, and without him, the team lost five times, and won only twice against Volgar and the Norwegian equivalent of Volgar Molde. According to the hockey services company Karef, Paredes is the most valuable in Zenit (2.18 points per game), according to Transmark (the Germans estimate the real value of the player at 25 million euros).

Now Zenit has to decide what is more important: 40 million instant winnings for a demotivated player or an increase in the probability of going through the title and the Champions League.

Where to sell Paredes?

In Chelsea

In "PSG"

Leave in "Zenith"

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