Volvo spoke about plans to mount cameras to boost anti-alcoholic drinks

Cars built on an SPA2 platform will include cameras – the company will be displaying it in 2020.

Volvo campaigned to improve road safety. About these plans, the company said

Volvo XC40

Volvo are planning to pick up cameras and other awareness of the cars that will examine the condition of drivers. If the driver does not warn about the car's warnings of a collision risk, he will actively promote specific control systems: for example, it will reduce, stop and stop or stop summoning the help-desk.

Answer cameras if drivers can be hurt. Includes a lack of supervision, driving away from the road, driving with closed eyes for a long time, a slow response, or a "real compassion" between the lines.

Volvo plans to introduce surveillance systems on cars built on the new SPA2 platform. Her company will be available early in the 2020s. Although the number of cameras and the location of the bothy are not published.

This company discussed Care Care technology. It will allow car owners to set a speed limit for themselves and those who have access to the car.

For example parents can have the faster speeds before moving a new child to the wheel. A principal charge of each car has been taken from each summer year 2021, promised in Volvo.

In March 2019 the company announced plans to return the maximum speed of 180 km / h in its car from 2020. t

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