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A member of Yuli Gusman, Club Funny and Inventive jury, replied Leonid Yarmolnik, who made KVN unsuitable for watching, and keeps the jokes enough. In a conversation with the radio station "Moscow Says", Gusman named the unfair position of Yarmolnik and added his words to the sympathies of the actor.

“Lenya is a wide and diverse man. I think it is a lie. I don't know what caused his opinion. Leonid Isaakovich is an adult with a sense of humor, he is intelligent, clear, who has a right to see his vision, ”said Gusman.

According to the recently introduced KVN, there are a number of lectures and diaries.

Earlier, Yarmolnik said in an interview with the channel "Rain" that the quality of KVN had collapsed dramatically. “For the last few years it's impossible to watch,” he thinks.

Yarmolnik was a long-standing jury member for KVN games. Following confusion with Alexander Maslyakov, the programme's host and representative, he ceased to be involved in the filming.

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