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The finalist of the battle of the psychics Dariya Voskoboeva died

Dariya Voskoboeva

Dariya Voskoboeva // Photo: Transfer frame

In season 17 of the TV show "The Battle of the Psychics", Dariya Voskoboeva of St. Petersburg was not accidentally hit. Here she came with the approval of mentor Natalia Banteyeva. In the project, Darius surprised the viewers with his abilities, although he did not manage to win, the medium came only to the final, occupying the fourth place.

And today it was learned that Voskoboeva had left. Vlad Kadoni reported on the death of a psychic in a social network, however, the television host did not specify the cause of the tragedy.

"Darius, I did not know you well, but I knew how to be a kind and strong person, let the earth rest in peace, let there be no chance to be alarmed, remember we regret," Kadoni wrote on Instagram.

Fellows cry for Daria Voskoboeva, inopportune

Fellows cry for Daria Voskoboeva, inopportune // Photo: Instagram

Anton Mamon, member of the "Battle", also spoke about the death of Daria, and dedicated warm words to Voskoboeva. "Lord, there are no words. We were not friends, but I respected Darius very much! At this moment, my heart is sinking with horror. What kind of life is a fragile thing! Today many kind words will be said about you, but I would like to wish peace and peace to your soul in silence! You were a wonderful person! The land you rest in peace, "shared Mamon.

Now, fans of the popular TNT project are wondering what happened to Daria. The psychic, to the end, was actively blogging on Instagram, where with positive publications she encouraged subscribers who needed help. "Dear, in this period it is advisable to reduce physical and mental stress. It is recommended to avoid conflicts, both in commercial and personal relationships. A typical increase in the probability of fights and farewells. For now, take a break and enjoy the company of family and friends. How are your weekends? "The fans were asked just a couple of days ago.

And on the eve, January 6, Dariya Voskoboeva was supposed to participate in an event called "Christmas Divination" in St. Petersburg, but it was canceled. "Dear friends, due to personal circumstances, it is canceled" Christmas Divination. "We apologize to all who came to visit us! Follow the news and announcements on the tape." We love and embrace everyone, "said the ad, published in Daria's microblog.

Darius motivated the fans to the end for positive messages.

Darius motivated the fans to the end for positive messages. // Photo: Instagram

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