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Should I Chip LADA Vesta SW Cross Expert

The domestic blogger told what to expect from the wagon of chip tuning stations and how much power the machine provides.

A plot appeared on the YouTube channel KVIRING DRIVE, in which the expert said if the LADA Vesta SW Cross van with the 1.8 engine should be "chopped". The blogger said he intends to seriously tune the car. It is expected that the car will receive "advance flow", admission and Vesta Sport camshafts, other injectors.

Due to all the above, the blogger expects to "shake" the Vesta SW Cross at 160 hp. Tuning blogger decided to start with the "chip". The motorist said he was aware of the risks, because due to refinement, the car "flees" from the warranty. However, the expert observed that the car traveled 30,000 km without any problem and, therefore, the car inspires confidence.

When the chip adjustment was performed on LADA Vesta SW Cross, the car was tested. It turned out that the "brutal firmware" increased the performance of the engine to 137 hp According to the figures, the increase seems to be quite small, but while driving, the blogger felt that the car had become much faster.

It should be noted that the video showed a completely black LADA Vesta SW Cross. Even bright black elements are used inside the car. The car looks spectacular, and as users of the network. In addition, the spectators await new stories about the tuning of the domestic wagon.

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