Shnurov lost the request for revenge of his late wife: Music: Culture:

Name the director of the "Leningrad" group, Sergey Shnurov, the reason to block its & # 39; "Careful, Sobchak" program, which included a woman who had a & # 39; Matilda. About this he wrote in the Instagram account.

According to Shnurov, he is not related to the complaint about an interview with Ksenia Sobchak with his former wife. "Your video was blocked by your VID company, from which you used the Oksana Pushkina screenshot browser, which was written about it. And here are my helpers and me?" – Shnurov was amazing, Connect a photo from YouTube to the publication, where a & # 39; company has been identified, when it has been asked to remove its video from the channel.

The musician invited the journalist to respect the law and, in particular, rights, if she "wants political pressure."

Interviewed Sobchak with Matilda Shnurovoy on Monday's channel producer, February 18. A comedian's wife said; Previously it was not possible to remember good things about it, and also grateful that it supported its business projects.

On 21 February, Sobchak published, announcing the Google Russian office, that his video was removed after the request of Shnurov Natalia. The indicator noted that she spoke to her in person, and that the complaint was "rejected," but the video was still blocked. "And most importantly, there was nothing about that," wrote Sobchak, describing Shnurov.

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