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Paris bitcoin puzzle for $ 1000 without unraveling |


It did not take the cryptographers' enthusiasts more than a week to solve a bitcoin puzzle of 0.26 BTC ($ 1000), hidden in a Parisian street art by the artist Pascal Boyart. The exact solution to the puzzle has not yet been resolved.

On January 7, French street artist Pascal Boyart announced to the public that he had created a "revolutionary" fresco in honor of the movement of yellow vests and the celebration of the Bitcoin decade.

In his mural, the teacher hid a private key in a bitcoin wallet containing 0.26 BTC or $ 1,000 as a reward for solving the puzzle. In a few days, after a series of donations, the reward increased to 0.289 BTC.

Six days later the puzzle was solved.

Pascal Boyart, attaching a screenshot of the transaction, wrote on his twitter:

"Someone has just solved a bitcoin puzzle! Congratulations to him or her. Please, contact me and tell the community how you found a solution. "

Later, a user named Antoine Giver from Etherium tweeted:

"@ Marabrito31 and I just found the key to Pascal Boyart's mosaic in Paris. We are very happy to be winners in this contest and we thank everyone who participated in this promotion. "

According to the lucky one, the solution to the puzzle will be presented later:

"In the next few days we will reveal the details of the track. Bring the world over Bitcoin!

Anthony points out that the image, painted by Boyart, showed with great precision "the struggle of the French citizens, who united to defeat the lies of the banks".

The painting itself has a revolutionary subtext: it represents a woman waving a French flag and supporting men in yellow vests.

Recall that the French artist Pascal Boyart is known for his street art work, in which he applies QR codes from his bitcoin wallet. According to the artist, Paris has every chance of becoming the center of a new artistic movement that combines the fields of art and cryptocurrency. Boyart firmly believes that cryptocurrency and art are closely related, since Bitcoin often becomes the subject of artists' creativity, as well as a tool with which they can profit from the sale of their creations.

Note that Marguerite de Courcelle has invented a new genre of encrypted art puzzles, which gradually becomes a mainstream. According to the laws of the new genre, the compositions of the puzzles contain the key, having guessed that an art expert can receive cryptoactive assets as a reward.

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