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On Valentine's Day, Victoria Lopyreva organized a romantic dinner for her daughter's father.

10:48, 02/15/2019

The model decided to be alone with Igor Bulatov.

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On February 5, Victoria Lopyreva, 35, became a mother. Owner of the title "Miss Russia – 2003" presented to her lover Igor Bulatov son The child's name is a model and a businessman while they hide it. However, in her micro blog at Instagarm, Victoria has already begun to share the first details and her feelings in a new state for herself. Lopyreva described the birth of her son as the happiest moment of her life, and two days ago she shared her first photo with a newborn baby. The model covered the face of the child with a heart-shaped sticker, so you can only see his legs and hat in the photo.

Victoria Lopyreva with her son

Nine days after the birth of their son, Victoria and Igor decided to take a day off. On Valentine's Day, Lopyreva and Bulatov went to a restaurant, where they enjoyed each other's company in a romantic atmosphere. The model talked about the next dinner on his microblog on Instagram a couple of hours ago. "My happiest Valentine's day. Today, mom has a weekend and a festive dinner with dad." – Shared victory (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes.) Note ed.).

Victoria Lopyreva

Later in the Stories section, Lopyreva published several photos of the festive table. Judging from the location, the model and her lover went to a restaurant. Forte dei Marmi, specialized in Italian cuisine. In addition, Victoria had an elegant bouquet of red roses, which she presented to the father of her newborn son.

Victoria Lopyreva went with Igor Bulatov to the restaurant on Valentine's Day

Recall that Victoria Lopyreva pregnancy was announced in early December. The model refused to reveal the name of the child's future son, but explained that it was far from the world of entertainment. However, the media conducted their own investigation and found that Victoria's chosen one is a businessman. Igor Bulatov – ex husband Tats Karapetyan, the daughter of the president of the company "Tashir" Samvel Karapetyan. Paparazzi filmed a couple on one of the beaches of Miami, where they walked wonderfully and did not hesitate to show tender feelings to each other.

After Victoria and Igor were photographed on one of Miami's beaches, a storm of criticism hit the model. Lopyreva nicknamed her husband and accused her of destroying the family. Public figures, such as Olga Buzova and Andrei Malakhov, appeared among the outraged. The owner of the title "Miss Russia – 2003" herself claimed that, in the first place, with Tata Karapetyan they were not friends, and second, they had a "real love" with Igor, so Victoria asked to be left alone with Bulatov .

Victoria Lopyreva and Igor Bulatov

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