Monday , April 12 2021

News of the day: Running out of teeth: singer Katya Lel joked about meeting with aliens – Free Press

The famous singer Katya Lel decided frank recognition. She says that 28 years ago she met extraterrestrials who had her teeth removed. After that, he discovered several skills he uses to this day.

According to StarHit, that day Katya noticed a light in the window, which caught her attention. Rays of light illuminated his room, after which the teeth of the future star suddenly disappeared.

"My teeth had gone without pain, without blood; they simply disappeared after these rays disappeared. The aliens can take any form, I saw good images, "admitted Lel.

After this story, the girl decided to leave her hometown in a hurry, when ufologists began to pursue her, and learned that she had contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. The encounter with an extraterrestrial race did not happen without a trace. After that, Lel opened a gift: he began to listen and read the thoughts of the people, to see unexplainable things.

Previously, Free Press reported that the drone had recorded a UFO in Iceland and had crashed into it.

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