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"Magnet" plans to open 2000 pharmacies and 2000 stores of the "ultra-small" format.

February 8, 2019, 09:17 3027 views

In 2019, "Magnit" expects growth in sales of comparable stores and expects to maintain profitability at the current level, according to Vedomosti, referring to the director general of the Olga Naumova chain.

In 2018, the revenues of the second Russian retailer, Magnit, increased in 2018 by 8.2%, to 1.2 trillion rubles. However, the leader's earnings, the X5 Retail Group (Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Karusel networks) continue to grow much faster: in one year, by 18.5% to 1.53 billion rubles. The gap in the growth rates of turnover among competitors doubled: in 2017, the X5 advanced by 13% and in 2018, by 27.5%.

Magnit's net profit for 2018 decreased by 4.9% to 33.8 billion rubles. The annual EBITDA decreased by 2% to 89.8 billion rubles, its profitability decreased from 8 to 7.3%.

However, the analysts are optimistic and point out the factors of positive dynamics in the development of the network. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Magnit's revenues increased 9.7% to RUB 332 billion. Sales at comparable stores finally increased after a decrease of 2% in the third quarter: they grew by 0.6% in October-December. This is the first quarter in two years, when comparable sales have not fallen.

Naumova also pointed out that in 2019 the network will continue to grow. In particular, in 2018, the Magnit network grew by 2,059 points. In addition, "Magnit" will open some 2,000 pharmacies and 2,000 stores with the "ultra small" format as part of an association with the Post of Russia and will update some 2,000 stores.

Earlier, it was reported that the board of directors of "Magnit" can enter the general director of "Children's World".

In addition, recently "Imam" accused the pharmacy of plagiarism.


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