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It turned out that Chelyabinsk disguise doctor did with patients

A sign "For a healthy lifestyle" hung on the door of his medical office.

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In the Chelyabinsk region stopped a decoder Boris Kondrashin. After 10 years in a psychiatric clinic, he managed to get a hospital as a general practitioner. For a month, the killer counseled patients, prescribed medications and issued conclusions on the clinical examination. We discovered the new details of the noisy story.

How was a person who needed psychiatric care recruited in a medical center and why did Kondrashin need this position?

It turned out that Chelyabinsk disguise doctor did with patients

In 1998, Boris Kondrashin, 16 years old, brutally murdered his classmate, dismembered the body and performed a ritual of sacrifice with elements of cannibalism. He also drank the blood of the murdered.

He explained his behavior to the investigators in the following way: he retaliated by bringing a sacrifice to the gods of the dark forces. The student was arrested, he was declared insane. Kondrashin was sent to a psychiatric clinic for compulsory treatment, where he left in 2008. The doctors recognized him as a healer and he was released under the supervision of a psychotherapist.

In 2018, Kondrashin was installed in the city's clinical hospital №11 in the city of Chelyabinsk.

The hospital was located next to the Kondrashin house, therefore, where he killed a man 20 years ago. The clinic was visited by former maniacs.

One of the classmates accidentally came to the reception. And it is identified. As for his suspicions, they informed the chief doctor of the institution, who did not attribute immediate importance to his words. Then the patient wrote a statement to law enforcement agencies.

– I studied with Boris in the same class. "I lived in front of my house on Novorossiysk Street," says Victoria. – He called himself a hermit, he did not communicate with anyone, he did not play with the playground.

I remember that once Kondrashin invited us to his house to tell fortunes. We knew that I was doing magic.

After the murder of the child, he was raided with a search. The police found a piece of paper with him, where the names of the following victims were written, there were many names. I was on the list on this list.

Now we are conducting our own investigation. We have a version that Kondrashin did not abandon the idea of ​​taking energetic action against the rest of the guys on the list. Therefore, I got a job in the polyclinic, I understood that we are all treated in this hospital and, sooner or later, we can become their patients.

In social networks, Kondrashin's neighbors write that the man, after his release, returned to the same apartment where he had once committed a ritual murder. But most of the former tenants moved out of that house, so they did not recognize the killer.

"This man rarely left the house, but some strange people often came to him," says Kondrashina, a neighbor. – It seems that he was involved in divination, the announcement on the network was posted in his name, they say: "I provide magical services".

A former classmate, Kondrashina, says he has never met a maniac in the last 10 years, although he lives in the same yard as him.

It's strange, but I did not see it, and none of our classmates, too, started the interlocutor conversation. – Probably, Kondrashin managed to go unnoticed. We have a criminal district, many drug addicts, alcoholics, but we all remember their history. If a family member saw it, living here would not happen.

– Do you remember the events of that time?

– Kondrashin was a closed guy. Often the girls offended him. Practically did not communicate with classmates. He wore a jacket, tie and in his hands all the time: a leather suitcase.

His father was a famous doctor in the city, as was his mother. Kondrashin has all the doctors in his family. Not in vain, also decided to go this way. I already read a lot about medical issues, it was a walking encyclopedia …

Once in school, Kondrashin became ill, dizzy. He was released from the lessons. A boy was asked to take him home. Here, Kondrashin, who accompanied him, died and dismembered.

When they came to him with a search, they saw in a closet a lot of jars, where were the eyes and hearts of animals, cats and dogs. Boris started experimenting with frogs, his father taught him that. Finished people

The remains of the victim were discovered by the scavengers when they observed the tanks that were standing in the yard. But the man's boss did not seem to be found. According to the rumors, Kondrashin threw it into the lake. By the way, my father, as I heard, helped him hide the remains, so he was also arrested.

According to the interlocutor, Kondrashin's father committed suicide in the SIZO.

"The crime got a broad public response, therefore, as far as I know, when the old Kondrashin was placed in the SIZO, they intimidated him." He could not stand such tests, – adds Alexander. – Mother did not live with them.

– Would you recognize your partner if you met on the street? Has it changed in 20 years?

– He has not changed a bit. The same chubby, the same look. Only one beard grew. So there is nothing strange about the fact that his partner has identified him.

On the Internet, Boris Kondrashin positioned himself as a therapist and psychiatrist and narcologist.

Your photograph is still in a medical site. There Kondrashin pointed out a specialty: therapy, psychiatry, narcology. He highlighted the general medical experience: c 2007. And the workplace was designated as "private practice. Hospital number 2 ".

– That person never worked for us. We sent all the information to the prosecutor's office, we were interrogated, they assured us at the city's clinical hospital №2.

Elsewhere, Kondrashin introduced himself as an employee of the hospital №9. In the personnel department, we were informed that a person with such a name had never been included among them.

Probably, in this way, the man created his "record" before the future employer of Hospital No. 11, where he was finally accepted. He told his colleagues in the clinic in detail about his service in these two hospitals.

– I had the opportunity to talk to him once. We talk about family, about work, remember the employee of the clinic. – He complained that he did not have enough money, so he was forced to participate in a private practice at home.

He left his cell, he said, if my family or friends have problems with alcoholism and drug addiction, they can apply. He said: "I do not take much for services, but I guarantee the recovery of the person."

After all, he treated alcoholics, drug addicts, people who came to him … He also shared that he used to work in rehabilitation centers for alcoholics and drug addicts.

False diploma of the killer Boris Kondrashin.

We asked the clinic representative how the former worked at the city hospital.

"He worked with us for a month," our interlocutor began. – The treatment is not compromised. He worked alone in the reception of patients in the department of medical prevention. Its functions included the prevention of smoking, alcoholism. Conversations conducted on the dangers of smoking, the use of physical education.

– Kondrashin had his own office?

– Yes, in his office hung a sign: "For a healthy lifestyle". They took him to the position of therapist.

– How was it contracted with such a past?

– I came to the announcement – there was a vacancy, I brought documents, I had an interview with the chief doctor. That is all

– What documents did you bring?

– What it should be: a passport, SNILS, education diploma, certificate of no criminal record. At that time, his personality did not cause any doubt.

– They asked him where he worked before.

– He walked away from those answers.

– How is it

– He said that he had lost his work book and that he could not intelligibly explain where he worked. Then we made a new one here.

– Did not this moment alert you?

– He made an adequate impression. He is a normal friend.

– Did you have many patients?

– Enough. He was often consulted for a consultation. There were no negative comments about his work. He came to work every day. Clean, well maintained, with a white robe. There were no complaints about him.

"How did you know that the murderer in the past was working in the hospital?"

– At the reception for him was his classmate. I was passing the medical examination, I needed the conclusion of a general therapist. Here it was to him. She recognized him. She came to the family doctor. She said that this person committed a crime 20 years ago. He started to check.

– She did not believe immediately?

– Of course, not immediately. You can tell anyone. It was necessary to check.

"Did she say something to Kondrashin himself?"

– No. I was so scared that immediately ran to the chief doctor. Subsequently, we made a request to the educational institution, where he supposedly studied and from where he granted a diploma. By the way, the diploma was original, it did not seem false. Soon the institute received a response that had not been studied in this way. That's when we contacted the police.

– The chief doctor did not say anything to your employee?

– No, we did not ask. Understand, our fault is not here. During the interview, this person answered all your questions. We could not look inside his head.

– What do you ask during the interview?

– Where I worked, what I finished, well, and we found competent in the field of psychiatry, therapeutics. I knew all the key questions of the answers. I think he learned himself. In addition, he grew up in a family of doctors, he wanted to become a specialist. At home I could master a conference course on the Internet, read books. It is not difficult now.

– He was sociable. Maybe someone made friends?

– Negative about him, I did not hear from anyone.

– Now your leadership can be accused of negligence?

– No such state of emergency is insured. Who will check the authenticity of the diploma? None If the person presents a certificate of no criminal record, the original diploma, a copy of the passport. Where is the negligence? And besides, he was not ignorant. Illiterate Has a good speech, educated.

– They say he has a sister, it seems that she also works in the hospital, did you contact her?

– Not because? We are not interested. I think it's good that they revealed themselves in time.

– Registered in PND was?

– We recently made a request.

– Did you receive an answer?

– Later it turned out that Kondrashin was registered.

– Why did not you make this request immediately?

– This certificate is necessary for the doctor when working with medicines. He did not work with drugs. And the medical examination happened. Including that he was examined by a psychiatrist, he put on a seal – healthy.

– Did you find drugs in your apartment – stole drugs from the hospital?

– He had access to psychotropic drugs. The researchers said he prepared them himself. I say he is not a fool.

We found several personal pages on the Internet, where a photo of Boris Kondrashin was published. The offender often changed his name. Presented by Boris Shindin, it took the name of Chopp and Munin. On Twitter, Kondrashin was called Boris Ginzel. It is known that when he was in school, he told everyone that he had a title: Baron von Ginzel. He admitted that his maternal father was a direct descendant of the German immigrant barons.

His uncle, Kondrashin, Valentin Borisovich Kondrashin, by the way, positioned himself as the vice leader of the meeting of the provincial nobility of the Chelyabinsk region. He was called Baron von Ginzel. In Chelyabinsk, many people knew the man. The peasants spoke of him as a man of encyclopedic knowledge. After his nephew dismembered a classmate, Valentin Borisovich moved from Chelyabinsk to the district of Chebarkulsky, to the village of Shakhmatovo. There he began to cultivate. Try not to remember your kinship with a maniac.

– The whole story of Valentine Borisovich was a shock. After all, he himself is a historian, a very read person, he studied psychiatry, "say the neighbors of the maniac. – When Borya returned from a psychiatric hospital, he did not work anywhere for a long time. But then, unexpectedly for all of us, I got a job in a pharmacy, not far from home. As I understand it, he also worked there with false documents. If the hospital did not verify the authenticity of the documents, nobody at the pharmacy began to ask.

Boris Kondrashin published his training documents online.

In addition to the false diploma of higher education at the University of State Medicine of South Ural, Kondrashin presented an advanced training certificate issued by the Interregional Center "Continuing Professional Education". The date of issue is September 13, 2018, Yoshkar-Ola. The courses were completed "in the amount of 72 hours".

Such an organization really exists. The education there costs about 10 thousand rubles. It is unlikely that Kondrashin was willing to spend that amount of money. An empty certificate sample can be downloaded on the Internet from the center's website. It is easy to write any name there.

Boris Kondrashin was arrested for 2 months. He was charged under two articles: possession of drugs and forgery of documents.

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