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A Publishing Art Publishing has built a vibrant design for his upcoming Anthem interactive collaboration activity. "Give your power – put on one of the four promises and get into a world full of dangers. Gather a team of friends together to overcome the most difficult obstacles", – recites the description of his video.

The video is dedicated to free staff – a pattern of pilots that use powerful defenses to protect their own world and humanity, fighting for the wild lands that pose many dangers. With the help of javelins, those criminals, working individually or in a team, will try to & # 39; demolish balance on the people.

According to the history of their game, first of all, the gods put their defeated the Anthem, a creative creation source (renowned as its game name), and later the amazing features, great creatures, animals and monsters revealed. However, without completing the work, leave the gods, and # 39; leaving the world unfinished and their creation tools. It allowed the world's power, not to be kept up with anyone, the cataclysms that were changing in the world, converting it and its. eliminate people trying to survive this force. In an attempt to persist, the older people created weapons made by people who were in a position. giving high powers – the world went into the constant struggle between the power of the Anthem and the creams that he created.

Recently, developers have launched a series of start-up videos by Anthem. The first part is given to your world; game, and in sequence, the authors talked about high quality content and developments in scenes.

Anthem will be released on 22 February, 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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