In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the new Subaru official trade was opened

09:17 February 21, 2019.

The new design at Subaru ("Subaru") began in Japan working in the regional center. He opened his doors and showroom on the basis of the company "Daltehmashservis." Now Sakhalin subarista and new people in the camp have a chance to buy this car brand at the same national prices, take advantage of the current phonetic promotion and current offers, and also to go to; serving their own Subaru in a company's service or a & # 39; buying a variety of cars.

In addition, complete and complete test cars are always available – there is a Forester, practical and a dynamic, dinosaur and XV-fashioned restaurant and restaurant available for marine exams.

"It's not just a brand in Subaru; it's a whole philosophy." It's not for everything that its fans can repeat. Most people have a come to us not only for a type of car – they just have Subaru, just as they want. Why did you choose Subaru? They understand that these cars are "engineered", they are " giving a completely new driving experience. In addition, connected to the cross – not a SUV; but in the class there are no competitors, trust and fairness. For Sakhalin residents, it is also important that their cars have been collected in Japan and delivered directly to us – they say in the sellers.

The new salon offers Sakhalin residents to all models of Japanese signals that are officially delivered to Russia to Russia: the XV, Outback and Forester are needed, Inner name Impreza, who is more familiar with the name, ready for delivery to the island as soon as possible; as possible. In the meantime, managers say that it is the largest organization that is in the process of being able to work. The "Forester" group enjoyed it; (the model has not been updated last year): the two groups have bought a car that has been confirmed and which is currently being validated. They need a trustworthy and accessible car for themselves and family.

Visitors for retailers can take advantage of existing support and loyalty programs: merchandise ("trademark"), discounts on new cars for banner makers, etc. .

You can find out more about room offers, current upgrades, trim levels and car parking, as well as recording for a test on the module you want. on a dealer website, by phone number 511-511 or personally at a new trading center at: Lenin Street, 591South Westerly

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