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"I'm optimistic about Zenit"

Fenerbahce – Zenit

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The famous Russian coach Valery Nepomnyashchy summed up the match between Zenit and Fenerbahce (0: 1) in the 1/16 final of the Europa League.

– The "Zenith" of today is not desperate. I'm optimistic about Zenith. That's how you put a player from another planet on a sheet, like Semak did, it's great. I must say that Rakytskyy, Barrios and Azmun left a very pleasant impression. I think Zenit will now surprise us as pleasantly as he did at the beginning of the season. Yes, it is clear that although there is no optimal composition and that the team is not very presentable, it was seen in Istanbul, but it was already quite bearable. At least desperately. I'm sure that for the next game Zenit will look much better. Before the game at home, in St. Petersburg, I have a good feeling, – Nepomnyastchy says: "Sports weekend".

Recall that the return game between Zenit and Fenerbahce will take place on February 21 in St. Petersburg.

Fenerbahce – Zenit – 1: 0. Goal and best moments.

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