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FAS signed Chelyabinsk's governor as a member of a fight against competition

According to the ministry, Boris Dubrovsky wrote to enter into agreements with the company Yuzhuralmost, exceeding the requirements of the law.

Boris Dubrovsky

(Image: Mikhail Metzel / TASS)

More than 90% of the road construction contracts in the Chelyabinsk area of ​​2015-2018 were concluded by the company Yuzhuralmost, which at the same time resulted in the implementation of two anti-competitive contracts, said the company; The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).

The contributors to the FAS concordat known as the Ministry of Road Resources and Transport Department of Chelyabinsk and the head of the region, Governor Boris Dubrovsky.

“The Ministry has kept all operations regularly to make contracts specifically with Yuzhuralmost JSC, which was helped by the Governor of Chelyabinsk,” the FAS message says.

The department was able to recognize that Road Management and Transport Ministry staff and JSC Yuzhuralmost had "informal organizational interaction", which has been a de facto monopolist in its field. Contracts with the company were terminated, notwithstanding the rules being put in place by the Chelyabinsk Directorate of FAS, and Yuzhuralmost's competition applications were refused. In accordance with the FAS framework, in the framework of the appointment, the company won at least ten auctions which were totaling at least 2.4 billion rubles.

“The decision on the case will be sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Office of the Attorney General. We are waiting for the appropriate response from these areas, ”said Andrey Tsarikovsky, Secretary of State and Vice President of FAS of Russia.

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