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Evgeni Plushenko was operated | StarHit.ru

Evgeni Plushenko

Evgeni Plushenko // Photo: Instagram

The last two months have been extremely difficult for Evgeni Plushenko. Together with his wife Yana Rudkovskaya, he prepared a large-scale show "The Nutcracker", which he presented in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The main athletes of the country took part in the performance, and one of the main roles was played by the small son of a pair of stars, Sasha.

Constant burdens have led to the fact that long-standing back problems have been felt. On January 10, the Olympic champion was forced to resort to doctors, complaining of severe pain. Eugene did not advertise the hospitalization and did not comment on his state of health. Now it was learned that Plushenko had an operation. A hernia was removed in the spine, which squeezed the nerve, causing great pain. While the skater is in the hospital, his state of health, according to his wife, is improving.

"Yevgeny Plushenko is not in the big sports now, so his health only concerns him and his family, but the only thing I can say is that there really were problems, since Eugene participated in 30 shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and he was worried about the pain in the cervical spine, since he performed triple jumps and ultra-yes elements in all shows. "He wanted to fly to Israel, but as the pain intensified, he went to a Russian specialist for help "said Yana Rudkovskaya.

Yana Rudkovskaya supports Evgeni Plushenko in everything

Yana Rudkovskaya supports Evgeni Plushenko in everything // Photo: Instagram

As it turned out, Plushenko had health problems again in the summer. However, he endured the pain and continued working on a new show. Now, Eugene needs to undergo a recovery course after surgery, which can take several weeks.

The fans have no doubt that after the download, the skater will return to the ice. Plushenko has had health problems before. So, in 2013, Plushenko already had spine surgery. Then Israeli doctors were able to rid the skater of back pain, and soon he returned to the ice again.

Communicating with "KP"Yana Rudkovskaya did not go into detail about her husband's state of health. Now the producer is passionate about the final preparation for the new show Dima Bilan. However, this does not prevent Plushenko's wife from visiting him in the hospital and supporting him in such a difficult period.

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