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It is not necessary to represent "Gelik" and "Cayenne" – any "local" guy would be to buy his own habitats and souls. They are respected by the way, girls with respect to them; watch them and even grannies at the entrance to discuss among their own ones who they were to; closing in their neighbors, it is worth promoting any of them. But we were interested in something else – recently, a new generation of cult tools has emerged, which means that this is an excellent event to find out who is more fire !

The game of ten differences

There is one thing that some frighteners can get away from the Porsche Cayenne – only 20 meters but true fans and … owners are split from the past generation! Porsche designers decided to retain the physical features and identity, but we agreed that they worked hard.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Mercedes-AMG G 63

However, the Porsche could not be at risk, since the Cayenne is one of their favorite models together with the "youngest brother", called Macan. Although most of the neighbors see the way of the Cayenne road from the back – and from this angle it is not directly deceived, the "stern" is decorated with red LED strips on its; whole group.

With "Gelendewagen", the story seems to be similar, but you notice a "nose" with clear feathers on the main lights, and at the same time. gas station then the tanker asked: "Is this new?" In a & # 39; "Gelik" Lounge on the door on the doorstep (unintentional route? Do not wait!), Draw yourself, climb on the steps and drop on the # 39 ; chairs. Then you need to slam the door with high stones – do not change everything, like in the old car, the locks here to keep the effects from the "Gelika" already.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Mercedes-AMG G 63

Read "Gelik" inside, he got two large scales, clarifying cairns and, in general, became more comfortable and more comfortable. Porsche was now catching the heat launchers, only the tachometer and the Sport Chrono chronograph were still comparatively.

Although the interior has changed and broader – now you do not rest to the side of the door, and the short face is decorated with two large scales, and one of them replace its instrumental panel. This guide wheel is similar to the & # 39; Class S main feature, beautiful lights appeared with a variety of options, and coming out of thin doors; Burmester is great.

According to the latest Porsche model, the Cayenne received several communication panels instead of buttons of buttons – everything, similar to the new "Panamera". And I can not say it's a good solution – a smooth surface is covered with dust and fingerprints. In addition, the traditional "Kayena" handsets on a tuna medium will eat up a little pedestrian for the driver and front passenger.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Mercedes-AMG G 63

We enjoyed the face seats more in Mercedes, and at the Porsche wheel you are looking for; Starting to try a few hours drive. And the back is definitely more comfortable in the "Kayena" – there is more room and it's easier to sit down the Mercedes-AMG high

Hur and Typhoon

In Porsche, nothing is promising to her – I'll take her hand on her left; steering wheel, and the powerful 4-liter V8 will grow but calmly in the & # 39; first second after the first time. I can not believe that there are 550 "horses" under the hood! Cayenne Turbo carries smoothly, you can hit traffic safely during snow. But what if Pirelli SottoZero at a winter fire has been asphalt?

Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Mercedes-AMG G 63

Under the shadow of the two Germans – V8 quadruple quadruple. But the AMG device is doing more – 585 pp and 850 Nm of torque against 550 p and 770 Nm from Porsche

I'll turn the Sport Plus mode with the hand on it; wheel, blinking the two pies, try to prove the control of the world's control and its; let's click. And then … try to take your back from the city! "Turbak" quickly translates a hundred and a hundred. continue to turn speed at the same speed – the numbers on the screen can only follow after 200 km / h. And we continued to accelerate it even to 286 km / u at the highest – as soon as # 39; as soon as possible

With its Sport Chrono package, it was 3.9 seconds to one hundred, and Racelogic recorded just the average level in the series of races. The data is just brilliant for a large 2.2 tons machine equipped with 8-fast normal equipment!

The highest speed of G 63 is limited to 220 km / h, but for an additional cost the limit is moved to 240 km / h

It is difficult that the effects are at the same time … every day. Cayenne Turbo is easy to control when accelerated, the sound of the disease will be removed by the coldness of the air (the wind is usually a major non- comfort), and at a high speed he will not want to get away from the path with a centimeter if the road is level. However, the airplane works well with the sections, the stones and the asthma – the Kayenne administration does not even hurt 21-inch wheels.

"Gelik" – the only meeting about Porsche. After you get track of the email, you'll be able to access it. looks suddenly at the same height, and the Cayenne, when seen from flat windows G 63, turns to a golf class. And also its "square" has a very good publicity – that's why women like that do not, see the feeling of the edge and the solid "nashlepka" of the signal turning on the shield? In addition, the new generation has been a "easier" wheel.

This V-4-liter V8 generates 585 "horses" already, but the large (2.5 tons) and the aerodynamics of the bikes can not be used; promises to affect Porsche just. Up to an average of 4.4 seconds, and accelerating to 150 km / h, the G 63 will lose the "Cayenne" for a second. Although it is very fast.

But so what each overseas makes you all happier. This is not just attractive! G 63 controlled by executing by removing so promptly that it is a The building of the front building, like a fast boat, and here – just preserving. The "face" that is not protected can try to & # 39; move from side to side, and the four excavation of the four giant pipes (one pair per threshold) can be heard, similar to a kilometer – cars are lightly lightened by Mercedes what's coming quickly.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Mercedes-AMG G 63

The stock is larger and more comfortable in Phorsche, but the door is equipped with a driver. In "Gelika" you need to make a hard handle with a large gate that opens to the side

The main thing is to forget the pace, the brakes of the G 63 are not powerful enough. However, it's amazing how the SUV framework is driven on winter fire! Initially, you're driving promptly, then you can start it; grow deeper, even stronger, and in the same way it is very funny that can be surrendered to the asphalt, and not surprisingly strawberries. Great progress compared to the previous one! If you do not go too long and the Ken Blok burns yourself, it is not harder to "Helik" guide than a normal car.

In "Kayena" they will be more aware and confident. It is difficult for winter tires to signal the huge herring capabilities, but when they are going to go. Choosing a Sport Plus mode, the electricity moves more fertilely to the back layer, and that is why the Turbo Cayenne is a allows you to turn into power in power.

Calm after the storm

However, it is possible to drive G 63 quietly – more, it will eliminate the need for combustion every 2-3 days (the "63rd" with active acceleration will easily be used to use up to 40 liter of 98/100 gasoline per cent kilometer). It is best to spread at a speed of travel up to 130 km / h under the quiet V8 steam, which has decreased – if you drive faster, it will heat the wind's sound. And more economically, therefore, with proper control, you can reduce the flow rate to 25 l / 100 km more.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Mercedes-AMG G 63

After a hundred kilometer already, you forget what kind of nonsense hides under the "Gelika" funnze – control of active tours will be controlled; settling, and hanging is now much more patient with joints, patches, ruts and other weaknesses of Russian roads. The seats are horrible now.

The "Cayenne", which was filled with an additional device (although this option is available) is astonishing, there is a great deal, which you want to do. remember after a few hundred kilometers – the seats are not as comfortable as in Gelika. But the Porsche may be better on the long run – it's more quieter, and it's a & # 39; Many fuel consumables (I never hit the 20 energy 100km / 100km, including startup, accelerate to large speed and domestic traffic).

Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Mercedes-AMG G 63

Honestly, on the roads we did not even get along the way – and so it's obvious that the G 63 with the three locks will not leave mechanical differences, high ground licensing and large movements to Porsche. But Cayenne does not mourn – there are two locks too, the airplane is a & # 39; allows you to build the body, there is a special electronic algorithm for different types of coats (you can choose from the menu). However, do you agree with it, will you go to split the rocky cover or clay on these wheels?

Pleasing pleasure

Before making a choice between them, you need to make good money – Porsche Cayenne Turbo costs from 10,265,000 rubles, and the test machine with several additional options will attract more than 12 million. Mercedes-AMG G 63 does not start with 12,770,000 rubles. Add millions of other and get this "blue" square.

But, indeed, the choice is easy to do, even despite the difference in price – the tools in spirit and character were so different. Musicians of comfort and high technology, who do not want to stand out too much, but who are ready to press the status, will vote for Porsche Cayenne Turbo, who wants everything to go out, ready to argue dynamics with real supercars.

And G 63 is a rebellion, which spills its oven, it is worth investing more octagonal fuel. Walkers will be scattered from the beginning from traffic lights, and drivers will be able to access them. jump by side, holding her eyes on the stream where he has an unlimited endeavor. And at the wheel, you have to be in & # 39; breaking the fish and breaking the air with artificial streams for happiness again. Lets Porsche and faster, but Mercedes-AMG will ensure more incentives for money. Is not this the most important thing in today's modern car industry? Auto editors acknowledge the administration of the DoubleTree by Hilton Moscow hotel to help in & # 39; photography

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