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CoinMarketCap added BCHSV – Bitcoin Cash fork


The operators of CoinMarketCap, an analytical portal dedicated to Bitcoin and another 2,000 different altcoins, have announced the addition of BCHSV, a currency that appeared as a result of the Bitcoin Cash bifurcation.

Recall that Bitcoin Cash in itself is a fork of the main Bitcoin chain, taking its own path on August 1, 2017.

In the future, the developers of Bitcoin Cash made the decision to perform periodic updates of the network every six months. But, if the first of them was altogether without problems, then the second has already caused controversy.

As a result, after a tough operation on November 15, the Bitcoin Cash network was divided into two chains: Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. This is the second string that is now added CoinMarketCap.

At the same time, the CoinMarketCap website changed the text regarding Bitcoin Cash: it says that the ABC chain of Bitcoin now shows what was previously known as BCH and that this was done because most of the exchanges made this decision.

According to the new data, Bitcoin Cash SV currently occupies the 1733 place, the capitalization is not specified, the daily trading volume is set at $ 132 million and the currency is quoted at approximately $ 53.

Bitcoin Cash is still listed as BCH and also ranks fourth by capitalization ($ 4,170 million), trading at around $ 238.

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