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"Bitcoin will reach $ 20,000 in three years" |

Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee), the creator of Litecoin, often makes predictions about the growth of the cryptocurrency market. Now he expressed the opinion that bitcoin will grow to $ 20 thousand in three years.

Charlie Lee made a forecast on the Reddit portal, where one of the users asked the founder of Litecoin when Bitcoin grows back: "In your opinion, when will the BTC reach $ 20,000 or do you think it will never grow back that much?" .

"This should happen in the next three years," replied Charlie Lee.

Note that at the end of 2017, the creator of Litecoin predicted a powerful and prolonged drop in the cryptocurrency market.

"I apologize for damaging your mood, but it should decrease the level of enthusiasm a bit … It's very risky to buy LTC, I expect a bear market that will last several years, the same when LTC fell 90% (from $ 48 to $ 4). "If you can not stand it, if LTC falls to $ 20, then do not buy," Lee wrote in a tweet on December 11, 2017.

He then pointed out that a significant market correction will become natural after reaching high altitudes in a short time.

"Every pampa I saw ended in a cycle of bears. The market needs time to consolidate. This is just my experience, but it comes from monitoring the market for more than 6 years. It is not clear how long the cycle will last. But people should be aware of this possibility, "warned Charlie Lee.

Previously, the creator of Litecoin advised his Twitter followers to first acquire at least one bitcoin before investing in other cryptocurrencies, including lightcoin.

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