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Bitcoin exchange cryptopia reported "serious losses"

Cryptopia, a New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange, has suspended work, informing users of "substantial losses" due to a breach of security.

"Yesterday, January 14, Cryptopia Exchange suffered a security breach and suffered significant losses. As soon as the employees identified the problem, the market closed for technical work and we began to assess the damage. "

Also in the message it is said that the exchange notified the authorities about the incident. The investigation involved the New Zealand police and the local government to combat crimes in the field of high technology. Commercial operations on the platform will be suspended until the problem is resolved.

Keep in mind that at the time of the bullish rally, Cryptopia was quite popular, as it represented a large number of altcoins.

Remember that at the end of last year, due to the "51% attack" on the AurumCoin cryptocurrency, an unknown user brought a cryptocurrency with a value of more than $ 500,000 of Cryptopia.

Also at the beginning of last year, ForkLog reported that Cryptopia had lost its banking services.

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