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2019 Biathlon World Cup: how Russia showed good results in the USA UU

What did you expect?

The Russian women's biathlon team had a great sprint race in Salt Lake City.

And this is not a kind of joke, but a real evaluation of the performance of our girls. Margaret Vasilyeva Y Uliana Kaisheva get to the top 20, Leysan Biktasheva It did not fail much and also contributed to increase the gap with respect to the Swedes in the Nations Cup (for the Nations Cup, the points are not awarded by the 40 best but by the three best athletes in the country).

Last sofas and dreams! The Russian women's biathlon team knows what to do.

The main thing is not paying attention to losers and lovers of biathlon sofas. The speed and precision will definitely come. We just have to believe.

So after all they drove here and there. Russia did not have to fail, so as not to lose the quota. And the girls were perfectly in charge of this task. Recall that in the Canadian sprint, the same Vasilyeva with Kaisheva and Biktasheva won points in a common piggy bank, and he did it with confidence.

The wait for personal podiums of this composition of the women's team would be very presumptuous. Whatever the search and mixed relay races, we can already say that Russia came to North America for a reason.

Blogger Kuklina

Russia, but not Larisa Kuklina. Why she flew over the ocean, although it is not clear. Apparently, the Russian woman is dedicated to maintaining "instagram", which, by the way, is wonderful in itself. Thanks to his "Storiz", we learn how to live, how our team moves. Very useful and good treatment.

Unfortunately, we have not seen Larisa in any of the races either in Canada or in the United States. Although on the eve was declared the first of ours. Based on weather conditions – at best, starting group. It is interesting how the team can explain the fact that the most favorable position was for an athlete who was not even going to run a sprint.

Hear? With communication in the team a big problem. The irony is that all the news we learn only from the "instagram" Kuklin. OR Dmitry Guberniev. The result is that the team went to the United States and Canada to defend the quota, but in none of the personal races could not put the full composition. Or maybe Kuklina simply decided to fly abroad and heal? And what, medicine in the United States is not bad, and the air is clean.

Who ran the sprint instead of Vasnetsova?

Shortly before the race, Valeria Vasnetsov bombarded the enemies and invited the fans to run a sprint instead. Apparently, someone still accepted the challenge and ran the distance in Salt Lake City. Otherwise, how can you explain result number 48 with two errors and almost three minutes of delay? Well, he must have been an unknown and unprepared person with a bag of cheese chips in his hands. By the way, interesting, and the chips should be cheese?

The SBR decided to save on the press officer, but in the end they simply opened the Pandora's box. PavlovaVasnetsov Cream – If everyone appears in some way in the World Championships, the show will be provided. And everyone will shoot Kuklina.

"Feel the taste of blood." The hope of the Russian biathlon responded rudely to the fans.

"I'll lie down on the bed and enjoy the cheeses, and you, lovers of sofas, run a sprint, with drooling from your mouth." How is it?

Positive above all

Seriously, even in such circumstances, we received two obvious candidates for the trip: Vasilyev and Kaisheva. Margarita was very unstable during the season, but had three great races in North America. Do not forget that in the relief Vasilieva showed a good play. The same words can be sent to Kaisheva's address, which Vitaly Noritsyn For some reason, I wrote in athletes that they can not run in the mountains.

Checkmate, Vitaly Viktorovich. Ulyana returned to the World Cup and in difficult conditions showed that she was ready to go to the world championship. At least one spare It is curious that, for the second time in a row, debutant Leysan Biktasheva will become the third best among us, who had never been among the leaders in the IBU Cup before. In North America, the 25-year-old girl has proven herself worthy.

Then, in the pursuit race, we will be sick because of the fact that she scored some more points in the individual competition.

Kristina Ilchenko he became the only one among the Russians who could not enter the search. She is the best in speed in the current team, but she does not manage to shoot. And the fact that she has passed the national team in November now seems more an accident than a progress on the rifle component.

In general, the failure did not happen. Four of the five biathletes were in pursuit. For the backup team, that's fine. Maybe someone has had high expectations of the team. But the football classic Andrei A. has always said everything about them.

And arguing with him does not make sense.

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