Russia stops doping ban, but it will miss next two Olympics

The ban will last two years from the Court confirming the sentence of the ban, meaning Russian teams will not only be barred for next summer’s 2020 Olympics, but the 2022 Winter Olympics in China, the football World Cup in Qatar that year And there will also be a number. Of other major events.

Russia, a serial bidder for major sporting events, would also be prohibited from hosting World Championship level events for the duration of its ban. The punishment put into doubt plans for the 2023 World Championship of Hockey, which is to be hosted by Russia in St. Petersburg. But they are now outside the purview of the ban.

Russian athletes will be allowed to participate in the event provided that WADA does not prove any link to the doping scheme, at its peak, agents of the Russian state security apparatus are involved, who during the medieval period clean people Tainted doping replaces test samples. Night operations at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Russia hosted the Games in Sochi, a great resort for projecting the country’s sports and economic power.

The plan, which began years ago, came to light only after one of its leading architects, Grigory Rodchenkov, the former head of the Moscow doping laboratory at the center of the scandal, revealed what had happened.

Rodchenkov, now living in an undisclosed location in the United States, revealed how hundreds of tainted antidoping results were manipulated before being recorded in official records, protecting athletes from being identified and away from major championship events They were previously allowed to benefit from chemically enhanced benefits.

Antidoping investigators recommended a four-year ban, which found that Russian authorities fabricated evidence and manipulated the contents of the drug test database in an attempt to discredit Rodchenkov and further provoke his conduct. WADA’s board agreed with the recommendation at a meeting last December and imposed a four-year ban.

On Thursday, Rodchenkov’s lawyer, Jim Walden, cut the CAS decision in half.

“The decision by Cass to effectively ‘divide the child’ is preposterous and undesirable,” he said. “Despite overwhelming evidence of corruption, doping fraud and obstruction of justice, including an attempt to falsely provoke Dr. Rodchenkov through false evidence, Cass has once again proved himself unwilling and organized by Russia and Unable to deal with long term criminality. “

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