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Security chief Tyrann Mathieu claims to have insider information about Russell Wilson's interest in leaving the Seahawks.

Responding to our publication about the Seahawks thinking that Wilson wants to play somewhere else, Mathieu launched himself on Twitter and said he knows where Wilson really wants to play: New York.

"Russ wants New York," wrote Mathieu. "But you have not heard that about T."

But we just heard that from T, and while it would be easy to ignore it as a nighttime tweet from a player who is not in a position to know the facts, Mathieu has often talked about how much respect he has for Wilson. . It seems unlikely that Mathieu will make fun of a player he respects so much.

And, of course, Mathieu is far from being the first person to suggest a link between Wilson and New York. The rumors that Wilson finally joined the Giants have been discussed many times this offseason. Wilson will join the other New York team, the Jets, it will not happen because the Jets have Sam Darnold, but the Giants will leave Eli Manning sooner rather than later.

Still, the Giants will have a tough time getting an interchange to acquire Wilson this year, and it will not be easy next year either, since the Seahawks can use the franchise tag to stay with him. But surely there is a lot of smoke.

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