Russell Wilson, of the Seahawks, can not say he wants to play for the Giants, but Tyrann Mathieu can … and he did

Russell Wilson can not tell He wants to be the Giants quarterback without looking like an idiot.

Your opponents can.

Weeks of rumors and speculation within the agent industry and the media gave way on Sunday morning to public comments from a player who speaks of great respect for Wilson in his many battles in the NFC West Division.

"Russ wants New York," security chief Tyrann Mathieu, who spent most of his career with the Cardinals, posted on his verified Twitter account. "But you have not heard that about T."

Except that everyone on social media now heard it from Mathieu.

It is believed that the Giants were interested in signing Mathieu during free agency in the last two seasons, but quickly fell out of reach. After a season with the Texans, he signed a three-year, $ 42 million contract.

Wilson, who served in the Yankees' light as a minor league baseball player in spring training with the Yankees, played down the possibility of coming to the Giants on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and back in his baseball uniform.

But he did not say he would not be interested. Only that he loves Seattle and does not expect the Seahawks to let him get away after taking the team to two Super Bowls early in his career and a surprise playoff spot in 2018.


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Pro Bowler, 30 years and five years old, is entering the last year of his contract. He is online to receive the richest contract in the history of the NFL, but he set a deadline for the extension talks that expire on Monday.

If an agreement is not reached and the discussions are really presented, then the speculation of a marriage between the Giants and Wilson will continue.

Of course, the Seahawks maintain the leverage because they can franchise Wilson twice, forcing him to play with one-year high-reward contracts or stay out all season as the Jets runner, Le'Veon Bell did with the Steelers in 2018.

The Giants have three of the 37 best picks in the NFL 2019 Draft that could be used as commercial bait for Wilson, but that creates a strange situation with Eli Manning's quarterback and his $ 23.2 million salary cap expected Start in the final year of your contract.

Wilson is the perfect solution for 2020 for the simultaneous reconstruction of the Giants while competing with the plan.

But that only works if the Giants do not select Manning's successor in 2019, if they can say a hard goodbye to Manning, if the Seahawks let Wilson go to free agency or agree to an exchange, and a dozen plus.

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