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Russell Wilson, MVP? It's time to recognize John Schneider? That and more in this week's Seahawks Twitter session

The Seahawks are coming off their best win of the season and will be heading to Jacksonville this weekend for another tough test, but before refocusing our attention on the Seattle Week 14 game, it's time to respond your questions one more time. amateurs As always, thanks to everyone who took the time to ask a question this week, and I apologize if I could not get to theirs this time.

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@ ConradKrueger16 question: "Russell Wilson is considered the MVP favorite after annoying Carson Wentz and the Eagles in SNF? " On a related note, @bushybadger asks if Wilson sees the world in code as Neo in the Matrix.

A: If Russell Wilson was not a legitimate MVP contender before last week, throwing three touchdowns in a primetime victory over the Eagles definitely put him in the conversation. Virtually anywhere you look this week, Wilson appears on the list along with Tom Brady and Carson Wentz as one of the favorites, and considering both the importance of the position he plays and what Wilson had to do this year with the running game fighting, it is difficult to argue that any player is more valuable to his team than Wilson.

Most notably this season, Wilson has the best passer rating of 134.1 in the NFL in the fourth quarter, and has thrown 15 touchdowns in the fourth quarter with just one interception. That touchdown total in the fourth quarter matches Eli Manning (2011) in the most in a single season in NFL history. Another thing that Wilson has for him is that he and the Seahawks have improved at the end of the season, that is, if history repeats itself, his MVP resume will only look stronger in a month, especially if the Seahawks can finish strong. and be strong. one of the best teams in the NFC.

But no, I do not think Wilson sees the world in code, but I'll verify it the next time I see it.

Also, I know that this question was about Wilson, but it's also worth noting that the Seahawks have a very serious prize candidate on the other side of the ball, with Bobby Wagner deserving to make noise in the career of the Defensive Player of the Year.


@ dangusin asks: "What is the probability that we will see Chris Carson and DeShawn Shead active for a possible postseason race?" @ Teresa4ever12 and @LEGIONofBOOM also ask about Carson's status.

A: Seahawks coach Pete Carroll spoke about both players on Monday, and although there is no definitive timeline in DeShawn Shead or Chris Carson ] both have a very real chance to play again this season.

Carroll said that Shead is "very close" to return, and until Monday, he had the opportunity to practice this week. That does not mean that Shead would play immediately, but returning to practice would be the first step to return to the action of the game. For example Dion Jordan returned to practice after the Seattle Week 7 game, but did not play in his first game until week 10.

Carson will not practice this week, but he's making a lot of progress, Carroll said: "He has healed really well, he is healing, he is changing the direction and hitting him hard enough at the moment, this is a great week for him to show that he may have an opportunity in the coming weeks. He is a very well conditioned guy and he works very hard on that, this is his natural way, so that has become a great asset in his rehabilitation. what looks good ".

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@RAYKation asks: "Is this the year that John Schneider wins the executive position of the year? Stellar draft, exchanges and signings. "

To: Does John Schneider deserve the honors of the year executive? Absolutely. Will he win? That could be a long shot. Right or wrong, the coach of the year or the honors of the year executive usually go to the coaches / executives who help change a losing team. In retrospect, Schneider should definitely have won at some point, probably in 2012 when he wrote Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner among others. Although Schneider never won the PFWA Executive of the Year award, he won the Sports Illustrated Executive of the Year honors in 2012.

In retrospect, it's quite fun to think that despite all his success since his arrival in 2010, two trips to the Super Bowl, a Lombardi Trophy, four NFC West titles and five consecutive seasons in which the Seahawks have won 10 or more games and advanced at least until the divisional round of the playoffs; neither Carroll nor Schneider have earned the highest honor in their respective roles. And as long as the Seahawks continue to win, none will be an obvious choice in the future because there is no impressive year-over-year improvement to present their cases.

But while the award can be given to a general manager whose team made a big change this season, you can definitely make a case for Schneider. Even with the best pick in the draft, Malik McDowell not available this year, the Seahawks have received great contributions from draft picks as the starting corner Shaquill Griffin defensive tackle Nazair Jones Offensive lineman Ethan Pocic who has started in two different places, and Chris Carson who was the starting corridor of the team before going to the injury reserve. Schneider made a couple of big exchanges to add to Sheldon Richardson and to Duane Brown and he also made many more moves to the radar that have added key players like nickel corner Justin Coleman (pre-season trade), safety Bradley McDougald (free agent), linebackers Michael Wilhoite and Terence Garvin (free agents), and the recent signing of free agent Byron Maxwell who is now starting as a left-back. Read

@dpbeck asks: "Have the Seahawks ever had a season without PT games at 10 am before this year?"

A: Oh, Devon, my friend, you have no idea about the rabbit hole that I have been trying to solve this. First, the answer to your question is: no, it has never happened, or yes, it happened once, in 1981.

So, why the discrepancy? Well, when it was announced last week that Seattle Week 14 game in Jacksonville had been changed from 10 a.m. at 1:25 p.m., which means there's no kickoff this season, my first thought was: "I wonder if that has ever happened before."

Going season after season through Pro-Football-Reference.com, a very useful and reliable site, I discovered that, in fact, the Seahawks had never spent a season without a game at 10 am, which was approaching 1981 when they opened the season. in Cincinnati with his only starting game that year. Later, someone on Twitter corrected me, saying that the Seahawks did not have a game of 10 a.m. in 1981. That led me to find more information about that Cincy game, and according to the official gamebook, the game started at 3 p.m. in Cincinnati, so at noon PT. So, the gamebook must be correct and Pro-Football-Reference misunderstood it, right? Well, not so fast. Looking at the September 6, 1981 files of both the Seattle Times and the Cincinnati Enquirer (I'm not proud of the amount of time I wasted this last week), the game started trading at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET. Do both documents have errors? Did the person who filled the game book (some information, including the start time, was written by hand at that time) simply commit a two-hour error? Was there a meteorological phenomenon that delayed the start of the session in two hours? (No story about that game mentioned a delay). NFL Communications could not give a definitive answer when I sent them an email, while the Seahawks media guide of 1981 was 10 a.m.

I also contacted Clare Farnsworth, my predecessor in this work who knows as much of the history of the Seahawks as anyone having covered them for most of their history through various media and, did not you know, their first year traveling in rhythm It was, of course, 1982. At that time, I gave up, defeated.

So if you were in the first game of 1981 or remember with certainty when it started, please shout. Read

@ 12inmiami question: "Did Seattle ever invest heavily in its O-line in terms of project perspectives?"

A: Will they do it? They clearly have. Now you can discuss the results of all the individual decision projects, but in fact the Seahawks have used a lot of capital projects from offensive linemen. In fact, the 17 offensive linemen that the Seahawks have recruited under Schneider and Carroll is an NFL top since 2010, and that list includes three first-round picks and two second-rounders. And if we are talking about investing shooting capital in the line, you can add to that the multiple selections, including a second round, sent to Houston for Duane Brown himself a former first-round pick. [19659005] Currently Seattle's offensive line consists of three first-round picks, Brown, free agent signing Luke Joeckel and first-round selection last year, Germain Ifedi and two second-round selections, Justin Britt and Ethan Pocic . So unless you want the Seahawks to become a bad team so that your first and second-round picks are higher in the draft order, I'm not sure what else they should do in terms of investing in the line from the start. draft perspective.

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@MetroYoYo asks: "Do you see the Seahawks win?"

A: I & # 39; I'm not sure I'm ready to predict a run of six consecutive wins to end the season, but it certainly would not rule out what we saw in Sunday's victory over the Eagles. As mentioned earlier, Wilson is playing as an MVP, defense remains dominant even without a few key players, and if the Seahawks can build on the improvements they showed in the running game against the league's first defense, its offensive has the opportunity to really take off.

Add to that the Seattle success story – the Seahawks are now 20-5 in the December and January regular season games since 2012 – and there's a reason why the players felt safe in the locker Room on Sunday night.

"It's just our mindset", security Earl Thomas said after Sunday's victory. "The closer you get, the harder you run." We understand what is at stake, we understand what time it is and the preparation always takes care of itself … You never look too far. If you enjoy this, you definitely understand what you have done, who you just faced, and simply rely on it. You take this momentum in the next game and the next. "


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