Russell Wilson is receiving his payment

Russell Wilson is now the Most paid player in NFL history. Just before the midnight trading deadline (PDT), Wilson's camp had established with the Seahawks, the two parties agreed on an extension with a maximum duration of four years and a maximum value of $ 140 million. Wilson, in fact, had tried to use his extraordinary influence to challenge an innovative contract structure. The Seahawks would not budge, but in the end Wilson got two other things he wanted.

The NFL is a league to have and not have, but with the income and the salary cap rising, there is no doubt that it is good to be a field marshal:

Interestingly, no matter how rich Wilson's deal is, and how lucrative QB contracts continue to be, APY will only clbadify fifth of all times in percentage of the limit in the signature, according to This year's limit is $ 188.2 million, which means Wilson's $ 35 million in APY reaches 18.6 percent. Somehow, Brett Favre remains the leader of all time in percentage of the limit at the time of signing (19 percent), in an agreement with $ 7.87 million in APY that signed in 1997.

Wilson's camp set a deadline for April 15, likely to end the agreement before the off-season program began, but perhaps also to get an early reading on where the Seahawks were. With Wilson being rethought by Mark Rodgers, whose main job is baseball, it was fair to ask if Wilson could maximize his influence, even if that meant a refusal to commit. The two parties would have begun to negotiate seriously on Friday. The conversations could have been in many ways, with the label of the franchise at the end of 2020.

Like Aaron Rodgers, who allegedly flirted with the option of getting a player before signing what was the biggest deal of all time, Wilson had the opportunity to change the way NFL teams draw contracts. And by Tom Pelissero of NFL Media, Wilson. searched have your salary directly linked to future growth in the salary cap. He did not succeed, but he managed to get the Seahawks armed with a $ 65 million signing bonus, which is the fully guaranteed money he will see this year. The deal it also contains $ 107 million in total (ie, full warranty and for injuries), along with a no-trade clause, which Mark Rodgers told Ian Rapoport of NFL Media that was the deciding factor:

"Russell wanted more than anything to stay in Seattle," Rodgers told Rapoport. "My job was to make sure of that, while making the best possible deal. The non-trade clause succeeded. We did not want to get to draft night in three years and have his name in commercial rumors. Once they offered that, we knew we would have a deal. "

Wilson is now under contract until 2023, when he turns 35, and will earn $ 157 million over the next five years, including the $ 17 million he was already scheduled to earn in 2019. The deal was made at 11:30 p.m. PDT, by Pelissero, and Wilson sent him to Twitter shortly after, while he slept with Ciara:

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