Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers Best Of

3 deep attempts (33.3%) on 9 carries, 123 yards, 3: 0 TD-to-INT ratio, 121.5 passer rating

It is surprising to see the NFL’s poster child at home here at number 6, but it is mostly the result of a low completion percentage. The touchdown total, however, is undisputed.

These numbers stem from a clear change in the crime of the chief. Mahomes has not over-targeted the receivables in the past, as he has had small attempts in the past and signs of quick passing. Quarterback pressures have helped to cut down, but it has kept Mahomes away from the top of the statistical chart below the field. Mahomes throwing time is currently at a career low of just 2.6 seconds per second, below 2018 (2.91) and 2019 (2.82). His air-yard-per-pass mark has also fallen, from 9.2 in 2018 and from 8.6 in 2019 to just 6.7 in 2020, reflecting an outlook more commonly seen in New Orleans than Kansas City .

This is creating an almost error-free passing offense for Kansas City (when the ball goes out in less than 2.5 seconds, the Mahomes TD-to-INT ratio is 26: 1 after 2018), and which The goal of the chiefs is to win as many games as possible. But the state sheet is a little less full than we might be accustomed to seeing, with Mahomes attempting to pass his discarded share at just 7.4 percent, much below the 2018 rate of 15.2. Still, when Mahomes is Gone deep, has been rewarded. Mahomes currently ranks third in deep passing touchdowns in the NFL with three, and his deep passer rating is good for eighth-best in the league.

Deep shots yield the most important highlight, but as we know with Mahomes, he is likely to create a memorable moment (or five) on a weekly basis, even if it is not many yards through the air .

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