Russell Westbrook missed it because of Kevin Durant's joke in a comedy show


In the three years since Kevin Durant decided to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the Warriors (and then the Nets), he has been able to reconcile his differences with Russell Westbrook. They're friends again, and the whole KD-Warriors saga has evolved to the point where Westbrook can look back and literally laugh at it.

That happened during the Westbrook charity comedy in Tulsa on Thursday.

While Westbrook was transferred to the Houston Rockets on Thursday night, he turned out to be the host of the comedy show "Why Not?" for charity in Oklahoma that night. And that was when a particular joke about Durant and the Bay made Westbrook laugh visibly.

Comedian Lance Woods said:

"Kevin Durant came in. This was a long time ago, so many years ago, so KD came in. So now we're all talking, so it was me, Russ and KD, and Russ said," When will your next show be? "And I said, "Soon I'll be in the Bay Area." And KD said, "Me too!"

"We did not know what he was referring to at the time."

You could see how Westbrook, sitting in front, was laughing hysterically.

That was so cool Just think: Westbrook and Durant spent the entire 2016-17 season without speaking. It's good to see Westbrook laugh at all of that now.

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