Running back Rashad Jennings retires as a New York Giant after playing eight seasons that also included stops with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders.


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – Former NFL forward Rashad Jennings announced his retirement on Friday.

Jennings played eight seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders and New York Giants. He retires like a giant.

"I feel like it's where I made my base as an NFL player, both on and off the football field," said Jennings, who was the season 24 champion of & # 39; Dancing with the Stars & # 39; . at the beginning of this year.

Jennings, 32, ran for 3,772 yards and 23 touchdowns in his career in 93 games in his career.

I wanted to keep playing, but despite listening to the teams from the beginning and sometimes this season, I never got the chance. Jennings did not sign this summer and season.

The Liberty product, which has often talked about being a chubby kid until he ultimately decided to be a teenager to improve his physique, is happy with his career. He was known as a worker with a body of Adonis throughout his professional career.

"I am complete, I am complete, I am humble, I do not regret it," he said. "If I can rewind the tape, I would do it the same way."

Jennings was originally a seventh round pick in 2009 by Jacksonville Jaguars. His decision to sign with Los Gigantes in 2014 is one that he considers the best of his career. It gave him a full-time opportunity to start as a runner for the first time in his career and reach the postseason for the first time last year. 13 playoff losses at Green Bay in January will be his last career game.

Jennings had five runs for 29 yards and a reception in that contest.

Playing in New York not only allowed him to reach the postseason before the end of his career. He also opened the doors to the field.

Jennings, a self-described autodidact with constantly evolving hobbies, has big plans in his post-game career. He wants to prove his role as an actor, author, poet and commentator, among other things.

He also plans to continue the work w with his Rashad Jennings Foundation and the NFLPA to give players ways to give back to their places of origin without being there.

While Jennings may have ended professional soccer, he has not finished with the dance.

"Potentially this dance that I fell in love with something I'll continue no matter where I'm in. In fact, I led a dance clbad a couple of days ago, so we can always do this," he said while shaking his hips.

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