Rumors of the Royals – News of April 12, 2019

The recap of yesterday's game by Vahe Gregorian of the Star hit all the proper base notes of the team's tenth consecutive loss.

"That's kind of the (weird) season we've had so far, things like that …" said Merrifield, whose streak of 31 franchise games was eliminated. "So he has to turn, he has to do it, hopefully sooner rather than later."

The problem is that with the Cleveland division leader (8-4) coming into the city, it is easier to remember the incredible evaluation of manager Buddy Bell after the Royals lost 10 in a row in early 2006:

"I never say it can not get worse," said Bell, whose team went 62-100 after a 2-13 start. It is tempting to think that it is also about where we are with this team.

An update on Billy Hamilton, who left yesterday's game with an injury.

Billy Hamilton has a slight sprain in his left knee after the MRI tests. He is the day to day.

– Jeffrey Flanagan (@FlannyMLB) April 12, 2019

The superstitious Ned Yost appreciates that Whit could talk about the blows:

"I really admire the way he is able to embrace this," Yost said. "It's so strange to me, because I've always been a guy trying to avoid talking about [streaks]. If Whit was a pitcher and had a no-hitter after eight innings, he would run to the dugout and shout, "Hey, guys, I do not have a hitter! Come on, I need three more outs!"

Anthony Castrovince of had a good long piece in which he encountered several players who had one hit in their only MLB AB. One of the featured players was the Royals Matt Tupman. There was even a small story about two unpopular Royals of that era.

One month after the '08 season, John Buck's wife gave birth prematurely to twins. Tupman was summoned again. And again, he rode on the bench. But on May 18, a day out in Miami, where the Royals climbed 9-3 in the ninth, Olivo and outfielder Jose Guillen, who had played with Tupman in the winter dance, put a plan into action.

"Olivo pretended he was dehydrated," says Tupman. "And Josey, being a leader in the team, approached Hillman and said:" You have to give the child a turn. "My relationship with Josey gave me a chance."

I love when I get to use printing from a non-standard point of sale. This time, it's The State of Columbia (SC), with the headline "Former Gamebad Whit Merrifield breaks the record for the Hall of Famer franchise."

Baseball students from South Carolina continue to garner praise at the next level. Several months after former Gamebad star Steve Pearce was named MVP of the World Series for the Boston Red Sox, former USC alumnus Whit Merrifield beat a Hall of Famer and published a impressive franchise record. Merrifield was connected for a hit in his 31st consecutive game on Wednesday, a franchise record for the Kansas City Royals. That surpbades the previous record of 30 games established by the great George Brett of all time.

A couple of days ago, Eric Longenhagen, of Fangraphs, included a Royal in his "Daily Prospect Notes".

Seuly Matias, RF, Kansas City Royals

level: Hi-A Age: 20 Organization Rank: 1 FV: 45+

Line: 3-for-4, 2B, 3B

Notes: 34% of matias in the strikeout rate in his career is a considerable red flag that ultimately is what kept him out of our overall ranking of prospects. With a few exceptions, even the big players most prone to the puff attacked less than that when they were in the minors. But so gifted and physically dominant is Matías that we believe he will be effective, even if it is in an irregular and inconsistent way like Domingo Santana or Carlos Gómez. In his teens, he was already posting exit speeds on par with the powerful Quad-A type hitters. We hope he learns to walk, but "Randal Grichuk with more raw power" is a good player, so we are cautiously optimistic that the Royals have at least one great player here, and a possible superstar if there is contact / approach. refinement, which is easier said than done.

Here is the summary of Fansided:

For the content of the Royals, last but not least, they are ready!'s Jason Beck lists "Five Central AL prospects worth seeing"

Royals: RHP Arnaldo hernandez

The Royals have some prospects at Triple-A Omaha that could be knocking at the door, including middle-schooler Nicky Lopez (No. 8 for Major League Pipeline) and right-hander Hernandez (No. 26). The Royals will not be afraid to call prospects this season, as evidenced by their recovery from prospect No. 16, lefty Richard Lovelady, on Tuesday.

Hernandez, 23, of Venezuela, has been under the radar for most of his career since he signed in 2012. But Hernandez began growing rapidly through the system two years ago. He had a 3.55 ERA in Triple-A Omaha in 10 games in 2018. He has pitched four innings in an opening this season and allowed one run. Hernandez, who has a fastball that can touch at 98 mph, impressed Royals manager Ned Yost during spring training.

"I have really good things," Yost said. "Definitely on our radar."

RJ Anderson on CBSSports has his "MLB Prospect Watch":

The Royals are going to burn some relievers this year. I hope to see Andrés Machado see again at some point: he has a fast ball of great importance and little to go with it.

What about other news around the league?

One letter made all the difference in this game:

  • Chris Davis extended his hitless streak to 61 AB

  • Khris Davis has hit 2 homers for the second consecutive game.

* Trevor Rosenthal, in what should be a test for the Royals bullpen, retired his first batter of the season after allowing his first 10 of the season to arrive safely.

Rosenthal entered the game with an infinity effectiveness, but dropped it to 72.00 on Wednesday.

* These may be old news for when they are published on Friday morning, but I added it to Rumblings on Thursday afternoon when it was still true

Justin Barrbado of Sports Illustrated has a profile in Jessica Mendoza.

But one of the most fascinating developments in baseball is the role of women in the game, and Jessica Mendoza is determined to get more involved. "I will not get away from that," Mendoza said. "I want to be a role model, girls need to see it to believe."

Clayton Kershaw will make his season debut on Monday.

Apparently, Nick Markakis does not have a bank or a safe. He had $ 20K in cash and five stolen weapons from his house. I mean, sometimes I also have about $ 20K sitting in my house, but it has turned into a car and its value has depreciated enormously. Apparently, Brietling also manufactures watches that cost thousands of dollars, so he also lost a watch that could be worth more than the car mentioned above.

I suppose I would be remiss if I did not mention Luke Heimlich's news. He made his debut in the Mexican league.

Unfortunately, as promised, another rerun. But it is definitely a clbadic. Here is the theme of Hyrule Field from Ocarina of Time:

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