Rumors of the NBA: B.S. Meter by Greg Monroe, DeAndre Jordan and other hot topics


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    It's a testament to the strength of the NBA rumor mill when one of the most important transactions of the season (Eric Bledsoe for the Milwaukee Bucks to early in the month) begets more commercial speculation.

    That's where we are with the old Bledsoe team, the Phoenix Suns. Following the arrival of Greg Monroe, the next move is … another movement. He could be Monroe, or he could be one of his veteran teammates. No one is safe

    The important thing to remember is that there is no end to the whirlwind of speculation and reporting in this league.

    Here, we will do what we can to separate the deceitful rumors from the logicians. The good news is that if we're wrong about something, the next cycle of leaks and whispers will shift everyone's attention to whatever comes next. Because there is always something more forging in the NBA rumor mill.

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    Rick Scuteri / Associated Press

    The Phoenix Suns already had a reason to abandon any not-nailed veteran: They're rebuilding, and the vets-the expensive ones, especially-do not fit the line of time.

    The arrival of Mike James (No, that no, this one.) He gives them another reason anyway. Phoenix needs to carve out a spot on the list before James's bilateral agreement ends on December 6, according to Scott Bordow of, and intends to do so by moving one of his three veterans. centers.

    Alex Len can not go anywhere until December 23 because he signed a qualifying offer with the Suns this past offseason. The moment excludes him as a commercial candidate for now.

    Tyson Chandler is the constant veteran to whom Suns general manager Ryan McDonough praised not requesting an exchange during Eric Bledsoe's drama. With one more year and $ 13.6 million remaining in his contract after this season, Chandler could help a contending club out of the bank and potentially be a buy candidate in 2018-19. However, he has value as a mentor who sets the tones, and Phoenix may prefer to keep it as a positive influence, particularly if he is happy in that role.

    Of course, there's also Greg Monroe, whom Phoenix got from Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for Bledsoe. He is in an expiration agreement and played the best basketball of his career as the sixth man from Milwaukee last year. Big men who do not stretch the floor do not have a big demand, but Monroe proved his worth in the old school in 2016-17. Finding an incoming salary to match the $ 17.8 million Monroe this season will complicate matters.

    One of these Suns centers will be in motion. There is little doubt about that. Call it a pitch between Chandler and Monroe as the most likely game.

    B.S. Meter reading: No Bull

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    David Zalubowski / Associated Press

    The clock speeds up a little faster this year.

    Thanks to an extended schedule and the decision of off-season to move the change deadline until February 8, the teams have less time to make their evaluations of the season. As Danny Leroux notes from Sporting News the New Orleans Pelicans face the highest stakes in this tight delivery environment:

    "New Orleans could easily switch between tentative buyer and seller tentative for the next 10 weeks, but the 50-game mark might be too early to know for sure, which could inspire a waiting pattern, although the pressure of ownership and lack of job security could push general manager Dell Avanza toward the purchase if the Pelicans are in search of the playoffs. "

    DeMarcus Cousins ​​is the key figure in all this. A free agent without restrictions after the season, could leave the Pels with nothing. Does New Orleans try to add pieces now in the hope of impressing Cousins ​​enough (and earning enough) to continue the relationship with a new contract this summer? Cut the hook to Cousins ​​before reaching free agency, recovering something before even facing that apocalyptic scenario?

    The Pelicans have an important decision to make, and they will have less information than the teams would normally have in their situation. [19659027] Let's also have Anthony Davis in mind. If these next weeks see New Orleans selling future badets for short-term help, after which Cousins ​​will leave anyway … they would have to think that AD would start shaking for an exchange.

    The Pels are under immense pressure, and the renewed calendar is only added.

    B.S. Counter Reading: No Bull

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    Tony Dejak / Associated Press

    The Los Angeles Clippers are losing games from left to right these days, suffering injuries from key rotation players and seeing Blake Griffin fight until late. game situations with little help. Wounds are a legitimate excuse; Danilo Gallinari, Patrick Beverley and Milos Teodosic could absolutely help this team if they were healthy.

    But all three players entered with red flags raised. We all knew that they were risks of injury. The Clippers did it too.

    And now, as the predictable has happened, the rest of the league is waiting for the consequences.

    ESPN's Brian Windhorst said in Sportsnation : "One of the most popular issues in the league right now between executives and agents is, No. 1: How long will Doc Rivers handle this? And No. 2, what happens if this team arrives in mid-December, to the commercial season, they are below 500, do they see anything doing, maybe DeAndre Jordan, maybe Patrick Beverley and they are remodeling for the future? "

    Normally, you would see Jordan's situation with the Clippers and link him as if he were a commercial candidate. It is under contract this year for $ 22.6 million with a player option for the next year valued at $ 24.1 million. Without Chris Paul around Jordan's balloons, his offensive value has been a success. And now Griffin has a half dozen at most, the math is simply not enough to pay Jordan much money to stay.

    So dealing with it now and regaining some future value should be the play.

    Here's The Thing, though: The Clippers foolishly lavished maximum money on a Griffin prone to injury after Paul bounced. This is a franchise clearly committed to remain relevant in the present at the expense of being competitive in the future. Losing Paul created a clear opportunity to start again, and the Clips approved it.

    So, if it makes sense to get something for Jordan now instead of letting it go – or worse, committing to it in a long-term deal after he excludes himself, the Clippers' story indicates they will not pull the trigger.

    B.S. Reading counters: Heap of bulls

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    Tony Dejak / Associated Press

    Logic dictates that when a team with tiebreaker aspirations and a fat payroll loses nine games in a row, the coach will be under extra pressure We do not need connected reporters like New York Times & # 39; Marc Stein to verify what we already know.

    But when we get the verification anyway, it means something.

    Stein tweeted: " Nine defeats in a row, as well as how tonight he surrendered at Madison Square Garden in the fourth quarter will inevitably impose scrutiny on Doc Rivers … one of the only six active coaches of the NBA, to own a championship ring. "

    In addition to the unfulfilled expectations of this year, we also have last summer's events heating up the Rivers seat.

    Owner Steve Ballmer eliminated Rivers from his role as team president, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, and Broderick Turner of Los Angeles Times reported that he called the former Clippers to ask them for their opinions on what it was like to play for Rivers.

    Those are not the actions of an owner convinced that he has the right trainer.

    Rivers is under contract during the 2018-1919 season. It will not last that long.

    B.S. Meter reading: No Bull

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    Sonia Canada / Getty Images

    Luka Doncic, eighteen years old, is breaking it for Real Madrid, and the international basketball journalist David Pick is listening to a serious buzz, tweeting: " NBA scout: If Luka Doncic keeps doing what he's doing, he'll go to # 1. Especially if CHI, SAC, DAL or CLE are chosen & # 39; "

    People, we have pbaded the time of looking with suspicion at international competition. The days of questioning the prospect are over because he is not playing in college.

    On the other hand, it is not Giannis Antetokounmpo hanging around the gyms of recreational centers in the Greek league "B" or Kristaps Porzingis lofting feather jumpers in training without defenders. This is the Euroleague, the second best in the world behind the NBA. And Doncic is dominating it.

    "Doncic is on his way to being the most accomplished teenager in the history of European basketball," Sam Vecenie wrote for Athletic. "After a summer in which he won all the honors of the tournament at EuroBasket, the Slovenian star has taken his best game to the regular season of Real Madrid, over seven matches, leads the EuroLeague in scoring."

    More broadly, look at the crop of players who take over the NBA at this time. They are Giannis and KP. They are Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons (it's semi-Australian, so it counts). International players are where they are, which makes sense.

    The NBA has been trying to become a global game for years, and we're finally seeing the first wave of results. Think about it: in a decade, would you bet that the best basketball player is an American? Could you count on a country of 325 million producing an athlete better than the billions of the rest of the world of basketball?

    There is someone better than LeBron James in Africa, Asia or Europe right now, and their chances of being discovered and developed are greater than ever.

    That's an indirect way of saying that Doncic should be the best possible choice.

    B.S. Reading the meter: No Bull

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