Rumors of another trade could help the Miami Dolphins pick six

The Miami Dolphins are not rumored to be involved in any negotiations that would include them coming out of sixth place, but there is a trade at the mill.

According to a report by Adam Schefter, the Atlanta Falcons are answering calls for the fourth overall pick. The question that has been on the minds of fans is who wants to change and who will they want?

Schefter says the Falcons are interested in moving out of the venue, which could bode well for the Dolphins if fourth-place ends up going to a team looking for a quarterback. Atlanta could get some big loot for the national team.

Looking at the top three spots in the draft, a quarterback is expected to be taken. That leaves the fourth place open for anyone who wants it if the price is right. Right away, Denver is the first team that comes to mind. The Panthers may have wanted to move up, but have chosen to trade for Sam Darnold. That leaves Denver at the 9 who may want to move up or maybe even Detroit who picks at the seven.

The Lions have a lot of draft capital to move if they want to get ahead of Miami and Cincinnati. The Patriots could also be looking to move up on a signal caller. They are picking at 15th place. A change from 15 to 4 will be very expensive, but it will be less than what Chicago at 20 and Washington at 19 might be willing to pay.

There has been some speculation that both Chicago and Washington have been looking for a promotion. Atlanta would gain a lot by moving down.

So let’s go back to Miami. The Dolphins may have their eyes on Kyle Pitts or Ja’Marr Chase and both can disappear if the Falcons stay put. The Falcons would likely take Pitts and the Bengals are expected to select Chase if they choose not to select a tackle. This would possibly leave Miami without two of its main options. An Atlanta trade puts one of those players on the Dolphins’ lap.

Of course, Miami may not be targeting either one, and if that’s the case, the possibility of one of the drops could allow the Dolphins to trade one more time and back off as they get more draft capital and possibly get the player they want. Whatever happens, this draft is changing to be very interesting.

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