Could the San Francisco 49ers be interested in free-agent pass rush Jayden Clown? A recent rumor from is suggesting that is the case.

It is stressful that I have no idea of ​​the track record of this source when it comes to rumors related to the 49ers, and no one appears to report this information outside of referring to this specific source.

Take what you deserve. May be nothing. maybe some.

With this it has been said that there is a lot of discussion here in the last few hours.

It is written in the tweet that nothing is imminent. If the report is accurate, it could only be the 49ers taking over to add a three-time Pro Bowl selection to the watch, which already includes a strong defensive front, with pass rushers Nick Bossa, Dee Ford And Eric Armstead.

The Houston Texans traded Cloin to the Seattle Seahawks before the start of last season in exchange for a third-round draft pick and two players. He was not re-signed and became a free agent in March.

The Clowns have recorded 236 tackles, 32 sacks, 14 passes deferred, one interception, one touchdown and nine forced fumbles through their six NFL seasons.

Again, nothing can happen here, but with the discussion ramping up a bit around the topic, it becomes worth presenting, revealing that nothing can happen in this story.

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