Rumor: Nvidia is halting production of Switch’s biggest hardware this year

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Nvidia, the company that produces the Tegra X1 Mariko “system on a chip” that powers both the Switch and Switch Lite, is reportedly ending production of the SoC this year, fueling further speculation that a Switch Pro is on the way.

The news comes from Gamereactor, which has spoken to a source close to the matter. The source claims that production of the Tegra X1 Mariko will end in 2021, but did not elaborate on which chip would replace it in Nintendo’s supply chain.

It’s fair to assume that Nintendo will make sure it has a healthy stockpile of Tegra X1 Mariko chips before production comes to an end, but it begs the question: if the report is true and Nintendo thinks the Switch is only halfway through its production. shelf life, what happens beyond this year?

A logical answer would be that Nintendo will phase out the original Switch model and its ‘Lite’ sibling in favor of new versions of both models, as it did with the 3DS and 2DS when the New 3DS and New 2DS became available.

While the Switch Pro has yet to be officially confirmed and Nintendo has stated that it has no plans for new hardware in the near future, a report that it has placed a large order for OLED panels made by Samsung suggests that there is a hardware SKU. updated. actually on the way; An improved SoC made by Nvidia would be a fairly reasonable inclusion to expect if the console offers a performance boost over the original version.

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