Rumor: Evidence of a “new” Nintendo Switch dock supposedly data-mined in system update 12.0.0

Switch console

Yesterday, Nintendo released version 12.0.0 of the Switch firmware. While you might have expected it to be something significant, according to the official patch notes, all it did was fix an issue related to the save data backup feature. He is hiding other things, though?

While we’ve already had a conversation about this, it seems data-miners may now have figured out something big. Apparently new information is emerging that firmware 12.0.0 supposedly contains evidence of a “new dock”, designed for a newer model system, which may receive updates.

Classroom, as you may recall, is believed to be the codename of the rumored Nintendo Switch 4K, to which all of this is linked:

OatmealDome has also noted what an update could look like for the current Switch dock, but as far as you know, it has never received one before.

“The Dock itself only contains USB chips, a MyDP -> HDMI converter, and a flash drive to store your firmware. I’m not sure what the point of an upgrade would be considering how basic it is on the inside. I am aware that it has never received one before.) “

The same source also mentions how the 12.0.0 update adds the following internal setting: “4kdp_preferred_over_usb30”, which apparently “makes sense” given the rumors about the “4K output” in the new model:

If this is what some think it is, Nintendo hasn’t gone to much effort to hide this information. Could this all lead to a Switch Pro? We leave it for you to discuss in the comment section below.


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