Ruling does not allow Erie County restaurants to reopen for indoor dining, Monroe County

Veneto was one of two establishments in the Rochester area named Andrew Como of Gow, targeted to the state and Erie County Department of Health.

“It’s a big win, for both of us, for our employees, for our employees, and, as far as I think, we’re taking a stance,” Swartz said.

The lawsuit was brought on behalf of 90 Buffalo area restaurants and the injunction clearly applies to them.

It is unclear whether this applies to Veneto, and the judge’s ruling specifically excludes Robies, another local restaurant in Greece, specifically because it is not in Erie County and the Munro County Health Department’s name in the suit Is not.

Buffalo’s attorney Corey Hogan said, “There will be some more conversations, skirmishes, whatever makes that part better understood”.

Lawyers for the restaurant say they will work on making sure the Rochester area includes other restaurants, which can take a few weeks. But they are also hopeful that the verdict may get the attention of Governor Cuomo.

“But it could also be something that could happen overnight,” Hogan said, “if the governor took a look at things and said I’m going to remove those restrictions. People are not asking all that much.” “

The Rochester Chapter of the State Restaurant Association says the decision could open floodplains for businesses wishing to fight well.

“Of course I think you’re going to see lawsuits coming from all communities that are in the same position, especially now that you’ve seen a judge,” said Kelly Metras, president of Rochester. Chapter of New York Restaurant Association.

The injunction is only temporary, and Hogan plans to go to court to return the arguments to make it permanent on 19 January. Until the Orange Zone ban for all restaurants in the state was lifted.

“If he is unequivocally adamant that he holds the case without any reason, then we will have no choice but to proceed through the courts,” Hogan said.

Read full decision below:

NewsZNBC sues Orange Zone restaurant over Scribd

Republican Majority Leader Steve Bray of the Monroe County Legislature issued the following statement on the issue:

“The initial injunction issued in a lawsuit against Governor Cuomo and New York State, which allows some Orange Zone restaurants to reopen for indoor dining, is a welcome step. No ‘rationalization of Orange Zone policy as ruling states Not the base. ” Although these select restaurants will be allowed to reopen, hundreds more will remain closed. The restrictions of the Orange Zone and the arbitrary zones enforced by Governor Cuomo should be amended immediately and today’s decision proves this. “

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