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Rules that require airlines to disclose Trump DOT rates

President Donald Trump's Department of Transportation killed two efforts to make airline fare information easier for customers to understand.

The department announced on Thursday in its The airline's cargo for items such as check bags or seat assignments has grown, transport regulators have tried to make the process of price comparison has been the withdrawal of the proposals as part of Trump's effort to reduce the regulatory burden on US companies. [19659004transparent

A pending regulation would have required airlines and ticket agents to disclose to consumers all rates during the process of purchasing a ticket, and the other would have collected more detailed revenue information from large carriers . The department said it would withdraw them after input from the industry and the public.

"Making DOT go backwards in the development of rules to allow consumers to know the total price of travel and to be able to buy comparisons is an affront to the United States," Travelers United, a passenger advocacy group, said in a statement by email objecting to the action.

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