Rudy Giuliani has filed for Pennsylvania election case to be determined for today

President Trump was spotted inside the Oval Office in the White House on 13 November. Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post / Getty Images / Phone

President Trump has “no public event” on Tuesday – the tenth day after the election that those words appeared on his daily schedule.

Even by Trump’s standards, the empty schedule is a notable stretch. Trump’s public appearance since November 3, a lie-filled presence in the briefing room, wreaths on Arlington and comments about the coronavirus vaccine, all ended without question.

In the immediate aftermath of the election, some of Trump’s advisers pushed for more official events that would show the president about the job he is now desperately trying to retain.

But the White House had no announcement or official engagements in the pipeline prior to November 3 as Trump and his team were focused on re-election.

Trump has shown little interest in adding more to his program, people familiar with the matter said, and some allies have taken up the idea with him because of his dark mood and prejudice with his loss.

Even during presidential-elections that do daily public events focused on running the Biden regime, Trump has not felt obliged to keep up the pace – though he saw Biden’s movements from the White House is.

Instead, he arrives at the residence to watch TV at the Oval Office after noon in the morning and remains in the evening. He walks back and forth between the office and the adjoining dining room, which is equipped with a large television and where newspapers and magazines are placed across the table.

The West Wing was also without a one-man leader in the weeks following the election as chief of staff Mark Meadows recovered from the coronaires. Meadows returned to the White House on Monday. He was working while in isolation and spent a lot of time on conference calls with colleagues and Trump, people familiar with whatever happened told CNN’s Katelyn Collins.


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